Day: November 11, 2017

recovery run #1378

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Saturday 11 November, 07:01

-4C, clear skies and a cold north wind, the sun wasn’t up yet.  A 7 mile recovery run at Eagle Creek Park.  Took a week off running even though legs felt quite good after the marathon.  Suffered only a stiff ankle/heel (r) which wore off ok and very slight DOMS on Monday in VMOs.  Best post-mara legs I can remember.

Set off from hotel to run the mile to the park on streets and I got lost, added quite a bit to the distance.  Loved the park, nice to run on trail again and in spite of the cold I enjoyed it. The terrain wasn’t challenging, the trail wound through woodland but it was as easy as running at Rother Valley.

The best bit was when I paused to check direction. Most of the signage for a blue route was great but at a 4-way I wasn’t sure. While I studied a small map leaflet three deer stepped through the wood just 50ft away. All slowed and looked my way, I was in the open, but they slowly wandered off. No photo as my phone battery had died.

Easily found the correct route back to hotel and apart from heel niggle everything was fine.  Good job I’d packed running clothing for all temps.  Pace and time irrelevant, this was just to ease legs back into running.

Distance:  7.21 miles

Time:  1:12:47

Avg pace:  9:49 min/mile

Calories:  820

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  3 deer