Month: January 2018

National Trust Night Run Clumber Park

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Saturday 27 January, 17:30

Ran and walked this 3k race with Emma. Lots of families and a real buzz. There was also a 7k race. Apart from one muddy incident everything went really smoothly and we will probably do more of these, they’re fun and well organised.

training run #1412

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Saturday 27 January, 07:49

4C, overcast and windy, turning to rain with low cloud on the high parts of the run. A 20.3 mile run on the Exterminator course.

Started from another point in Totley and went up a gentler ascent towards Totley Trig. Adapted the route to avoid Carl Wark and the swamp. Kept a good steady pace. Lots of soggy ground.

Had a gel and a Clif Bar and 800ml water. Tired towards the end but walked strong when I had to. Loved it, chuffed to do 20 miles when I’m not at that point in a marathon (or ultra) training cycle. Heel niggled throughout. TomTom didn’t find GPS for the first half mile.


Distance: 19.8 miles

Time: 4:06:38

Avg pace: 12:08 min/mile

Calories: 2229

Ascent: 3094ft

Trainers: Inov-8 x-claw 275

Wildlife: 1 deer, cows and sheep

training run #1411

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Friday 25 January, 06:46

3C, cold, dark and light drizzle. A 4 mile run. Heel niggled for the first mile, just wanted to get a run in before work. Couldn’t run commute with a heavy bag.

Light drizzle started halfway round. Would hardly have noticed apart from my headlight.

Distance: 4.17 miles

Time: 36:21

Avg HR: 167bpm?! Loose Fitbit?

Avg pace: 8:43 min/mile

Calories: 460

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 2 rabbits

training run #1410

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Wednesday 24 January, 06:42

12C, strong winds, light rain. A 6 mile run at RV. Wanted to get a run in because work travel Tuesday and tomorrow prevent me run-commuting this week.

Very windy but missed the heavy rain that came through half an hour afterwards. Heel niggle for the first mile. Stats irrelevant as I was running on the spot in places, pushing into the gusts.

Distance: 6.08 miles

Time: 53:03

Avg HR: 157bpm

Avg pace: 8:43 min/mile

Calories: 630

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1409

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Sunday 21 January, 07:03

2C, cold, cloudy. A 13 mile run. Didn’t manage to run on Friday due to extremely icy conditions scuppering a run commute. Then snow forecast for today caused the postponement of the Wildest Peaks trail race. So I ran early to avoid the snow and stayed local.

Tried to run easy but stats show my heart rate went higher than expected. Was running with head torch and concentrating on icy paths rather than checking HR on Fitbit.

Carried stuff in a waist belt. Are 1 gel, 1 Clif Bar and drank 250ml water. Noticed heel on and off.

Light snow flurries as I exited Rother Valley and again as I returned through the park, but I did dodge the heavy persistent snow later. Enjoyed this run.

Distance: 13.07 miles

Time: 2:00:21

Avg HR: 153bpm

Avg pace: 9:12 min/mile

Calories: 1401

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 2 rabbits

training run #1408

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Tuesday 16 January, 17:27

3C, cold, windy with snow and sleet showers. A 7 mile run commute. Earlier in the day I questioned whether it was a good idea, or just catch the tram. But it wasn’t snowy underfoot and I have good gear to wear.

The usual heel niggle but enjoyed it.

Distance: 7.27 miles

Time: 1:07:20

Avg HR: 140bpm

Avg pace: 9:15 min/mile

Calories: 710

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1407

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Sunday 14 January, 08:08

1C, cold and grey. A 12 mile run down along Froggatt and Curbar edges, back along A621, Flask Edge, Totley Trig to Fox House.

Looking back at Curbar Edge

Curbar Edge pic

Wrapped up and aimed for an easy pace, zone 1&2 heart rate. Right heel niggled on and off. Had 450ml water, a Clif Bar and 1 gel.

In places I could have done with my inov8 trainers as there was a lot of mud and boggy patches. On the return stretch after Clodhall Lane I stuck to the road (A621) up the hill as even in hot weather the cross-field route is a bog. Found a new track that led me over to Flask. Still got damp feet but not as bad as it could have been.

Only 1 week to my next race, Wildest Peaks. And it is 18 weeks to the Windermere Marathon, 25 weeks to Ultimate Trails 55k, and 39 weeks to the Yorkshire Marathon.

Distance: 12.12 miles

Time: 2:31:49

Avg HR: 121bpm

Avg pace: 12:31 min/mile

Calories: 1374

Ascent: 1310ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife: 1 squirrel, about 10 sheep on Flask and about 8 highland cows near Clodhall Lane

Small flock of sheep on Flask Edge

Highland cows eating

training run #1406

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Friday 12 January, 17:23

6C, cool, dark. A 7 mile run commute home. Had to carry my laptop, a Surface Pro, by hand. Didn’t have a backpack suitable. My usual 3L backpack had the cables and 2 mobiles in.

Thought I’d be a lot slower but walking up the steepest bits didn’t affect time a lot. Right heel niggled a bit.

Using Fitbit for a few runs to get a feel for heart rate, think my slow runs need to be slower.

Distance: 7.18 miles

Time: 1:10:48

Avg HR: 144bpm

Avg pace: 9:51 min/mile

Calories: 752

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1405

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Tuesday 9 January, 18:13

4C, cool, slight drizzle. A 7 mile run commute home. Lacked a bit of energy but felt ok. Needed head torch for parts of the route.

Distance: 7.25 miles

Time: 1:11:39

Avg pace: 9:51 min/mile

Calories: 838

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1404

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Tuesday 9 January, 07:44

2C, cold, grey. A 7 mile run commute to work. Kept it easy pace, particularly thinking about saving energy for running home later. Noticed right heel a lot for the first mile.

Distance: 7.27 miles

Time: 1:08:28

Avg pace: 9:24 min/mile

Calories: 831

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10