Month: February 2018

training run #1423

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Sunday 25 February, 08:08

0C, cold and bright, sun trying to break through. A 13 mile long run around the usual Harthill and Kiveton loop.

Training schedule called for just 8 miles, ahead of longer mileage next week. But with snow and a cold blast due this week I thought I’d go longer. I’m doubtful next weekend’s trail race at Bakewell will be on if we get 4 days of snow in the week.

Had a peanut & coconut bar at home, 2 gels and 150ml water on the run. Kept it easy and felt the usual niggle in heel. Left hip wasn’t right later in the run, and around 9 miles I felt left ITB a bit too.

Enjoyed the bright cold weather, but ran out of energy and enthusiasm in the last couple of miles.

Distance: 13.02 miles

Time: 1:59:32

Avg HR: 146bpm

Avg pace: 9:10 min/mile

Calories: 1310 (Strava said 1730 cal)

Ascent: 729ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 1 mad rabbit/hare on road to Woodall. Stood in middle of road for a bit then dashed in and out of the hedge right to get close to me.

training run #1422

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Thursday 22 February, 08:05

2C, cool, sunny. Went for a 7 mile run at RV, and the schedule called for a moderate pace.

Wore new Inov-8 Parkclaw 275 trainers for the first time, breaking them in. They’re designed for a mix of path running and soft trail running. Nothing too muddy just park/trail suited.

Inov-8 Parkclaw 275

Felt right heel /soleus a lot at first, but as it eased off I could turn up the pace and run more freely. That showed in my splits: 9:28; 8:36; 8:08; 7:54; 7:54; 7:39; 8:36. Just pushed a little more then usual rather than trying to blast it around. Enjoyed the sunshine, lovely.

In the last 2 miles I noticed the trainers rubbing my heel bone on right foot. Blistered.

Think this is my second fastest time for this route, a bit surprised as I’d thought the heel had hindered me in the first part, and it certainly didn’t feel fast.

Distance: 7.07 miles

Time: 58:54

Avg HR: 169bpm

Avg pace: 8:19 min/mile

Calories: 760

Trainers: inov-8 Parkclaw 275

training run #1421

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Wednesday 21 February, 06:49

5C, cool, overcast. A 4 mile fartlek run. The schedule called for an interval run, didn’t have time for a long more complicated one, so just did fartlek around RV. Enjoyed it.

Distance: 4.19 miles

Time: 36:26

Avg HR: 166bpm (peak 188bpm!!)

Avg pace: 8:41 min/mile

Calories: 469

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1420

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Tuesday 20 February, 06:50

7C, cool, windy. A 4 mile easy pace run at Rother Valley. After the tough weekend race I was surprised my heel wasn’t that bad, and I had a good toe-off – best I can recall for a while.

Tried to run easy, should get the chance to do some harder running while I’m on leave all this week.

Distance: 4.18 miles

Time: 37:13

Avg pace: 8:54 min/mile

Calories: 471

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 2 rabbits


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Photos from Saturday’s trail race…

Wildest Peaks pic #1Taken on the path below Burbage East

Wildest Peaks pic #2

Taken yards from the finish at Longshaw

Wildest Peaks Trail Race, 17 February 2018

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2C, cold, rainy. A 16 mile trail race starting at Longshaw and taking in Burbage Edges, Higger Tor, Grindleford, Big Moor, and Totley Moor.

I thought about cancelling because I wasn’t rested or ready. Had lots of stress this week. But decided to go, it would be good preparation for Grindleford Gallop in March.

Only about 10 people in my start group and I was trailing after the first half mile. Then I remembered to start my TomTom watch, doh! Gradually picked a couple of runners off on the way up Higger Tor and down to Grindleford. There was a new (for me) route up to Hayfield. Never felt really strong though, just plodding along.

Along Froggatt and Curbar I walked more than usual. At the halfway checkpoint I enjoyed a flapjack and cordial. Really didn’t have a lot left in me but got going. The route after this took in a few paths I’d not been on before, right up to Flask. Low cloud here, with rain and on Moss Road a freezing headwind was miserable.

At the end of Moss Road I struggled with the gate latch and a very nice marshall asked if I was ok. I felt like I was close to bonking, but there was only 700m to go.

Thinking about this afterwards, I put it down to hardly eating this week, tiredness, the very heavy going (lots of mud), and just not feeling it today. It’s been a difficult week and probably should have stayed at home. My glycogen stores must have been severely reduced.

I’d carried and used 2 gels and 500ml water. I’d even had porridge at home before setting off, but lesson learned.

Official time/distance 3:05:15 / 25.6km

TomTom stats (late activation)

Distance: 15.59 miles

Time: 3:01:25

Avg pace: 11:30 min/mile

Calories: 1770

Ascent: 1625ft

Trainers: inov-8 x-claw 275

Wildlife: 1 squirrel, a herd of ‘Highland Coo’

training run #1419

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Tuesday 13 February, 06:46

3C, cold and windy. A 4 mile run at a frosty Rother Valley. Felt heel a bit, kept it very easy pace. Only had time for one lap.

Distance: 4.18 miles

Time: 39:20

Avg pace: 9:24 min/mile

Calories: 479

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10