Month: March 2018

gym session

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Friday 30 March

Warm up on a bike then went round all the weight machines. Tried an odd step machine and walked uphill on a treadmill to finish.

training run #1435

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Thursday 29 March, 06:43

1C, cold and sunny, no wind. A 6 mile run at moderate pace. Ran easy to RV then did 2 laps of the main lake slightly pushing the pace but not all out, then easy return up the hill.

I didn’t look at my watch, ran by effort. Pleased to run the middle miles at 8:05, 8:04 and 7:54. Could have gone faster 🙂

Lovely sunrise.

Distance: 6.06 miles

Time: 51:07

Avg pace: 8:26 min/mile

Calories: 674

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 2 rabbits

training run #1434

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Wednesday 28 March, 06:44

5C, overcast and cool. A 6 mile run with fartlek on the first lap.

Didn’t notice right heel once I’d started but at the end felt slight stiffness in left calf. Not concerned.

Distance: 6.06 miles

Time: 52:19

Avg pace: 8:37 min/mile

Calories: 679

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1433

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Tuesday 27 March, 06:42

5C, raining, cold and windy. An easy pace 4 mile run, to loosen the legs after the weekend race.

Right heel niggled for the first mile. Felt freezing in a southerly headwind. Jogged round easy at recovery pace.

Distance: 4.2 miles

Time: 38:08

Avg pace: 9:05 min/mile

Calories: 478

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Dark and White events Bakewell trail race

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Sunday 25 March, 08:40

3C rising to 8C, cool, sunny. A 10 mile trail race with 1000ft/300m of climbing. The ground was still muddy and sodden from the rain and snow of recent weeks.

Sunrise at Bakewell, view from race registration

Pic: sunrise at Bakewell, view from race registration

Right hamstring was a bit stiff from the start, but heel was fine 🙂 Flat for the first km then started climbing. Passed a few runners uphill and walked the very steepest bits.

Descending off Chatsworth Estate there was a long gradual slope with a few twists and turns. Loved it, I powered down and left some runners behind. Missed one sign and went 100ft off route, laughed about it and carried on.

In the last couple of miles I was feeling great and had plenty left to push to the finish across boggy ground.

Ideal running weather, bright sun and no wind. Great organisation and I think I did ok.

Felt hamstring again later, and I also foam rollered right calf which had a few tight spots.

Distance: 10.14 miles

Time: 1:33:36

Avg HR: 141bpm

Avg pace: 9:14 min/mile

Calories: 954

Ascent: 1083ft

Trainers: inov -8 x-claw 275

Race position: overall 52/154 and in age category 7/18

training run #1432

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Thursday 22 March, 06:39

7C, cool, overcast with a bit of sun peeping through. A 4 mile run. Ran easy, heel felt better than normal. Nice to run in t-shirt and shorts for the first time in many weeks.

Distance: 4.17 miles

Time: 37:51

Avg HR: 131bpm

Avg pace: 9:05 min/mile

Calories: 360

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1431

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Wednesday 21 March, 06:37

0C, cold and frosty. A 6 mile run including fartlek. Did a bit of speed work on the first lap and enjoyed a great sunrise. Very cold with a white frost everywhere and a few frozen puddles. Heel not bad.

Distance: 6.18 miles

Time: 52:44

Avg HR: 139 bpm

Avg pace: 8:32 min/mile

Calories: 533

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 1 squirrel