training run #1427

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Sunday 11 March, 06:53

3C, cool, overcast. Went round my usual 13 mile route, long run easy pace. Would have gone on the longer 15/16 mile loop but short of time as it’s Mother’s Day.

Listened to music today and it took my mind off the pace. Fitbit tells me I did some PR sections though I was running easy. At 9 miles I felt left adductor/hamstring stiffen a bit.

This pattern of weekend back to back gym/run or run/run could be my approach to training for the 55k trail ultra in July. Need to train on tired legs.

Fitbit seems hopeless at measuring heart rate because I have it loose near my wrist bone instead of tighter and higher up my forearm.

Had a muesli bar at home, then 2 gels and 250ml water on the run.

Distance: 13.03 miles

Time: 1:58:06

Avg HR: 172bpm (error!)

Avg pace: 9:03 min/mile

Calories: 1538

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10


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