training run #1436

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Sunday 1 April, Easter Sunday, 07:23

3C, overcast with a cold north-east wind. A 20 mile easy pace long run. As the Windermere Marathon is on tarmac I did this on my long road route, past Pebley then through Kiveton and Todwick, returning via Mosborough and Halfway.

I knew I had to start at a very comfortable pace I’d be able to keep up. Had a muesli bar just as I set off (no breakfast), had 3 gels on the run and drank about 800ml water.

Felt left adductor from about 13 miles. Carried on. In the last mile my right heel got a bit uncomfortable. Pleased that I didn’t slow significantly anywhere, just kept light on my feet and a good rhythm.

Listened to music throughout, on Spotify, with new ear pods. A good distraction at times from the horrible cold. Bit of drizzle at Kiveton and Swallownest but the forecast snow shower didn’t come.

Finished tired, expecting heel to stiffen, but not wrecked.

Distance: 20.03 miles

Time: 3:07:53

Avg pace: 9:20 min/mile

Calories: 2284

Ascent: 1271ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 2 peacocks

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