Month: April 2018

training run #1440

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Tuesday 10 April, 05:54

6C, cold and raining. A 4 mile recovery run, easy pace to loosen legs.

Distance: 4.19 miles

Time: 39:06

Avg pace: 9:18 min/mile

Calories: 481

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Sheffield Half Marathon 2018

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Sunday 8 April, 09:42

8C, bright but overcast, slight breeze. Ideal running conditions. The start was delayed due to police dealing with something on the route.

I’d met a few vegan runners outside the Crucible before the race. Felt calm and ready.

Vegan runners before Sheffield Half Marathon 2018

The race climbed gradually up Ecclesall Road, then got steeper. Passed Zaz from the VR group just after Endcliffe Park. Feeling strong and legs bouncy on the hills. Seemed to pass a lot of slower runners, my trail racing paying off.

After 6 miles the route turned left towards Dore & Totley. Somewhere round mile 7-ish I looked across and saw Billy Sharp (SUFC) in the crowd. I shouted “Billy”, (waved) “It’s Billy Sharp!!” Laughed and sped onwards. Best bit of the race!

From here it was mostly downhill, still running by feel rather than Tom Tom watch. Pressed on and tried hard down Eccy Road, there had been the odd shout here and there ‘go vegan runner’. Big crowds except for the country part.

I’d been checking off the mile markers and with a mile to go I gritted my teeth and pushed harder. Up Charter Row and Pinstone Street I gave it everything. Left it all out on the course.

Really pleased to knock 10 minutes off my best time for this race. Surprised at the average pace, given the 5 miles of uphill.

Distance: 13.18 miles

Time: official 1:42:58, Tom Tom 1:42:52

Avg pace: 7:46 min/mile

Calories: 1414

Ascent: 1036ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

gym session

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Saturday 7 April, 08:10

Started with 20 mins on a rowing machine. Liked it, surprised how wobbly my legs were afterwards. Then onto half of the weights machines. Finished with 10 min cool down on bike machine. About an hour in total.

Probably did too much with a half marathon race on Sunday.

training run #1439

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Friday 6 April, 06:32

4C, cool, overcast. A 6 mile run at easy pace. Still didn’t feel like an interval session and with the race on Sunday decided to just run slow.

Distance: 6.05 miles

Time: 55:22

Avg pace: 9:09 min/mile

Calories: 690

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 2 rabbits

training run #1438

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Wednesday 4 April, 05:54

4C, cool, bright. A 4 mile run, modest pace. Decided to skip a planned interval/fartlek run due to a cold coming in, so just lifted the pace a bit.

Distance: 4.18 miles

Time: 37:53

Avg pace: 9:03 min/mile

Calories: 474

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1437

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Tuesday 3 April, 05:51

8 C, mild, overcast. A 4 mile easy pace recovery run to loosen off the legs after the weekend long run. Straightforward, no problems.

Distance: 4.19 miles

Time: 39:28

Avg pace: 9:24 min/mile

Calories: 481

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1436

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Sunday 1 April, Easter Sunday, 07:23

3C, overcast with a cold north-east wind. A 20 mile easy pace long run. As the Windermere Marathon is on tarmac I did this on my long road route, past Pebley then through Kiveton and Todwick, returning via Mosborough and Halfway.

I knew I had to start at a very comfortable pace I’d be able to keep up. Had a muesli bar just as I set off (no breakfast), had 3 gels on the run and drank about 800ml water.

Felt left adductor from about 13 miles. Carried on. In the last mile my right heel got a bit uncomfortable. Pleased that I didn’t slow significantly anywhere, just kept light on my feet and a good rhythm.

Listened to music throughout, on Spotify, with new ear pods. A good distraction at times from the horrible cold. Bit of drizzle at Kiveton and Swallownest but the forecast snow shower didn’t come.

Finished tired, expecting heel to stiffen, but not wrecked.

Distance: 20.03 miles

Time: 3:07:53

Avg pace: 9:20 min/mile

Calories: 2284

Ascent: 1271ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife: 2 peacocks