Month: May 2018

training run #1452

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Thursday 31 May, 19:38

21C, warm and sunny. A 25 minute run prescribed by the physio. No Achilles pain. Pushed on a little above easy pace. Counting these as training runs now the physio has given me a plan to follow and no scheduled appointment: just report in if Achilles hurts.

Distance: 2.86 miles

Time: 25:03

Avg HR: 137 bpm

Avg pace: 8:45 min/mile

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

physio 30 May

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Pleased with progress of my Achilles rehab and physio wants to keep my running time slowly increasing. Over the next two weeks I should build up to 60 minutes running. Running on alternate days and keep doing cross training in gym and doing heel lifts.

gym session 30 May

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20 minutes rowing /4050m

20 mins on weights machines and some heel lifts with kettlebell

Achilles felt fine.

Achilles recovery run

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Tuesday 29 May, 07:01

12C, cool and breezy, overcast. The physio permitted a 20 minute run, so off to RV for 10 minutes then turned round and returned. No heel niggle just slight stiffness before the run, during and after in lower calf (soleus?).

Distance: 2.19 miles

Time: 20:02

Achilles recovery run

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Sunday 27 May, 07:41

A bit of a breeze made it feel cool. Did a 15 minute easy run as part of my Achilles rehab. No heel pain, minor underfoot niggle to start with.

Rest day tomorrow, as if I need one doing these mini-distances, but got to build slowly and let my body heal.

Distance: 1.61 miles

Time: 15:02

gym session 26 May

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An hour in the gym. Made up of 20 mins on rowing (for 4050m), heel lifts holding a kettlebell, and a circuit of all the weights machines.

No heel reaction.

Achilles recovery run

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Friday 25 May, 16:28

Went for a 12.5 minute easy run to Rother Valley and back. No heel pain, only minor foot niggles.

Distance: 1.36 miles

Time: 12:35