Day: May 1, 2018

training run #1451

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Tuesday 1 May, 17:59

14C, cool and breezy. Went for an easy pace run after work in London, only managed 2.7 miles.

My right heel was stiff and sore walking the mile from the office to hotel. Should have rested but since I’d carried trainers and run kit from home I gave it a go. I was hobbling. Heel didn’t get any better, had hoped it’d loosen off on the run. Cut the run short.

This was intended to be a recovery run after Sunday’s run in the hills. Now I need to recover from the recovery run, doh!

Distance: 2.71 miles

Time: 27:00

Avg pace: 9:53 min/mile

Calories: 295

Trainers: Brooks Glycerin