Day: May 5, 2018

physio 4 May

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First time at this physio. Gave an account of how the problem arose, info on my running etc. It’s clear the problem is where my Achilles joins the bone. Lots of tissue massage. Stiffness right up through my right leg.

Been told to do:

  • 3×30 heel drops on a step per leg every other day. After each set stretch out by letting heel stay dropped over the edge of the step.
  • Daily do a foam roller session. Go very slowly up and down each calf, work out the knots.
  • Daily use a resistance band and stretch hamstrings, hold for a minute each time.
  • Suggested doing yoga to improve flexibility

So, warm up with roller and resistance band then every other day do the step heel drops.

Next appointment Wednesday 9 May.

The physio is also is a twin and is an expert trail runner, off to do some trail championships next week.

Explained about my marathon in 2 weeks. Initially the physio took my hint it was a non-starter. But then I explained because Jeff and I are both challenged by injury and less than ideal preparation we’d be taking it very easy indeed and walking a lot; the physio said maybe, let’s see… 🙂