Day: May 18, 2018

gym session 18 May

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Felt full of a head cold so planned to keep cardio to a minimum. Did easy effort 10 mins on rowing and 30 mins on weights machines including heel steps holding a kettlebell. Ended with 3-4 mins on a bike to cool down.

Achilles recovery run

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Thursday 17 May, 17:16

First little run /test after three weeks off with Achilles problem. Just 3x 1 minute easy jog with walking in between. Did it on Trans Pennine Trail at Rother Valley.

No heel pain but bottom of foot felt a little odd by the third rep. Onwards and upwards…

Distance: 0.54 mile

Time: 7:18

physio 19 May

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Physio was pleased with recovery. Swelling and soreness has gone from Achilles. Ready for testing with light jogging. Was prescribed:

  • Thurs easy jog 3x 1 minute with walking in between
  • Fri gym session, try heel lifts with weights in hands
  • Sat easy jog 3x 2 minutes with walking in between
  • Sun a walk in the countryside
  • Mon easy jog 3x 3 minutes with walking in between
  • Keep doing the heel lifts single leg on floor only