Month: May 2018

gym session 24 May

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Did 20 mins on rowing and 25 mins on weights machines including a few heel lifts holding a kettlebell. No heel reaction and legs felt like they’d had a good workout. Would have stayed longer but on a tight schedule to get to Leeds for a work meeting.

Achilles recovery run

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Wednesday 23 May, 06:19

10C, sunny with cool wind. The physio is allowing me to run every other day gradually going up in length of time. Today 10 minutes, so did a loop of the estate.

No heel pain and underfoot discomfort has faded away.

Distance: 1.03 miles

Time: 10:05

Achilles recovery, long walk

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Sunday 20 May, 15:09

23C, hot and sunny. Went from Fox House along the path under Burbage Edge. At Ringinglow Road I went up onto Burbage North for the return, turned left to get to Houndkirk Road and back to the car.

Heel felt ok until about 3.5 miles, then felt a small niggle, level 1. Calf was a little tight too. Iced it at home, stretched and rollered.

So good to get out in the Peak District in lovely weather, even if it was only walking.

View from Burbage North

Distance: 4.49 miles

Time: 1:20:38

Trainers: inov-8 parkclaw 275

Achilles recovery run

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Saturday 19 May, 08:13

11C, sunny. Did 3x 2 minutes easy jog with walking between. Found a flattish street to run on at Clowne while Jacqui was swimming.

Immediately felt arch of right foot complain as I began. It became less with each rep. No heel pain at all.

Distance: 0.81 mile

Time: 9:25

gym session 18 May

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Felt full of a head cold so planned to keep cardio to a minimum. Did easy effort 10 mins on rowing and 30 mins on weights machines including heel steps holding a kettlebell. Ended with 3-4 mins on a bike to cool down.

Achilles recovery run

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Thursday 17 May, 17:16

First little run /test after three weeks off with Achilles problem. Just 3x 1 minute easy jog with walking in between. Did it on Trans Pennine Trail at Rother Valley.

No heel pain but bottom of foot felt a little odd by the third rep. Onwards and upwards…

Distance: 0.54 mile

Time: 7:18

physio 19 May

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Physio was pleased with recovery. Swelling and soreness has gone from Achilles. Ready for testing with light jogging. Was prescribed:

  • Thurs easy jog 3x 1 minute with walking in between
  • Fri gym session, try heel lifts with weights in hands
  • Sat easy jog 3x 2 minutes with walking in between
  • Sun a walk in the countryside
  • Mon easy jog 3x 3 minutes with walking in between
  • Keep doing the heel lifts single leg on floor only