Month: July 2018

Cycle commute to & from

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Tuesday 31 July

08:06 damp route after light rain showers

Distance: 5.18 miles

Time: 35:58

16:50 not full sun but very warm

Distance: 5.02 miles

Time: 33:06

Still taking these rides easy, enjoying the time.

Running drills and technique session

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Monday 30 July, 18:30

Sheffield Vegan Runners, led by Mikk.

Focused on foot speed and knee lifts, lots of different drills. A good session, my first. Thought it’d last an hour but time flew by and it was 1:45.

training run #1465

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Sunday 29 July, 08:12

13C, windy and rain, heavy at times. Ran from Longshaw along Froggatt, Curbar and White Edges.

Tripped and grazed my right knee above Froggatt. Bloody but not damaged anything. It stung later.

Due to the weather I turned for home a mile early, not taking it all the way to Wellington Monument. Good that I know the alternative options around here.

Pleased with my run along White Edge in particular. It’s not challenging but I managed to keep a good steady pace at what might be Zone 2 heart rate.

Distance: 9 miles

Time: 1:49:53

Avg pace: 11:58 min/mile

Calories: 1030

Ascent: 996ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia (may finally retire this old pair now I have a new pair)

Sheffield Castle parkrun

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Saturday 28 July, 09:02

A small friendly parkrun. Three laps of a hilly route. All tarmac. Started near the back and picked runners off. Again my intent to jog round easy went out the window. Finished 16th out of 55, 5th in age category.

Distance: 5km official; 3.06 miles TomTom

Time: 23:20 official; 23:19 TomTom

training run #1464

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Friday 27 July, 06:58

Skies looked overcast, went for a run in the local park. Started raining for the first time in ages, a heavy shower in the park and a downpour on the way home. The sun came out in between. Did 3 laps, total run 4 miles.

Distance: 3.99 miles

Time: 38:15

Wildlife: 2 squirrels, 3 rabbits

Cycle commute to/from work

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Wednesday 25 July 08:18 and 17:20

Took it easy on this hot day. First cycle of any distance for years. Not sure of the bike either, cleaned it up but brakes squeak and bearings could lock up unexpectedly.

Fell off at 0mph at Cathedral. A tram was pulling out of the stop so I slowed and headed for road furniture to rest against a few seconds. Feet got stuck in pedals and I went splat. Minor graze, maximum embarrassment!

Out: 5.21 miles in 39:40

Return: 4.94 miles in 37:18

Group run with Frontrunner Sheffield

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Monday 23 July, 18:30

30C, hot and humid. Had the chance to join Frontrunner’s regular Monday evening run to test a pair of Hoka Torrent trail shoes. Liked them, might consider them instead of Brooks Cascadia for trail running in not-deep-mud conditions. (I have inov8 x-claw for v wet).

BBQ afterwards with vegan food 🙂

Distance: 2.7 miles

Time: 27:37 (few pauses to keep the group together)

Trainers: Hoka Torrent

training run #1463

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Saturday 21 July, 08:05

17C and upwards, some cloud cover. A 16 mile run from Totley to Wellington Monument via Big Moor, and back. Felt Achilles throughout but not that bad. Pleased to keep going, very few walking sections.

Distance: 15.69 miles

Time: 2:54:09

Avg pace: 10:54 min/mile

Calories: 1802

Ascent: 1671ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia

Graves Park parkrun

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Saturday 14 July, 09:00

After a rest week post-ultra I thought I’d ease back into running with a parkrun. Several were cancelled so headed to Graves. A handful of Vegan Runners were there. It was hot and sunny, and I’d forgotten my cap.

The route was undulating, 2 laps. Started near the back and intended to take it easy but that plan didn’t last. Started passing folk and had a blast.

Official time: 25:35, position 53rd

Strava app: 25:40

Avg pace: 7:55 min/mile

Trainers: Inov8 parkclaw 275

Ultimate Trails 55k, Ambleside

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Sunday 8 July, 07:00

Got up at 4:15 to get ready and park near the start/finish. Lots of chatty people sharing info about what to expect. I put myself about 60-70% of the way back from the front starters.

Was relieved when in the first mile runners around me were walking up hills/inclines, to save energy. The sky was bright and the sun stayed behind high cloud until later, had full sun from about 13:00 onwards.

The checkpoints and refreshment stops were good. I drank my water with SIS tabs in and refilled bottles with electrolyte at every stop. Munched often, banana and flapjack from the stops and a couple of Clif bars I carried.

The terrain was frequently rocky / stony underfoot, and there was lots of climbing up steep slopes, interspersed with brief and short sections in the valley bottoms. Epic scenery, ran past totally still lakes and looked back at picturesque valleys. Worth doing for the views alone.

I seemed able to power walk up the steep bits, passing many others. Didn’t hit the wall, fuelling and hydrating were going well. Looked for shade wherever possible.

I noticed that mentally I was very positive, enjoying the experience. Marshalls noticed I was a smiler, I said hello to sheep and wasn’t worrying about the next climb, and the next. I’m sure this attitude really helped me, I didn’t hit a low point or have any doubts. I was counting distance in hours rather than miles, but later on did ask some marshalls ‘how far?’ They weren’t that accurate. Wasn’t using gps watch, battery wouldn’t have lasted.

Loved the finish chute and felt ok. Had a drink and found a vegan food van!! Lots of choice, bought a bhaji burger and when other folk nearby me saw it they ordered some. Should have been on commission! Cheered finishers and had a coffee for an hour or so before heading off to car.

Was surprised to find my legs were not that bad in the following few days, just took a few minutes to get moving but I was mobile and could do stairs. Achilles soreness indicated I’d done a tough run but was not at all bad. Applied ibuprofen gel to heels for 2 days more as a precaution. Had three points of chafing (won’t go into details!).

Later I found out I was finisher 167 out of 375, in 9:22:39. Very pleased with that. Read that a lot dropped out and folk that had done it previously had slower times this year because of the hot conditions. Nearly 600 were on the start list so I guess some didn’t start and others were sensible and dropped out if they hit problems.

It was steeper, rougher terrain with less flat sections or undulating running than I’d expected. And who put the photographer near the top of the penultimate climb? I was walking strongly but had to break into a jog when I saw the photo sign and chap with a camera pointing down the path at me…

Distance: 34m / 55km

Time: 9:22:39

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia