Month: August 2018

training session #1486

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Thursday 30 August, 18:32

Interval training with Sheffield Vegan Runners. Eight of us plus Mikk the coach tonight, good turnout.


5x 1km with 3 minutes rest between

3x 200m sprint with 90 seconds rest between


Distance: 5.44 miles

Time: 1:18:35

Trainers: inov8 Parkclaw 275

Stats include WU and WD

training run #1485

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Wednesday 29 August, 17:21

Warm, 18C, sunny. Ran home carrying Surface Pro laptop in hand as I didn’t have a backpack. Bad planning on my part. Switched hands every half mile.

Distance: 4.67 miles

Time: 46:11

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1484

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Wednesday 29 August, 08:10

Run commute into work. Easy pace. Bit cooler and still sunny. Felt great for the start of work. Went via train station to pick up tickets.

Distance: 4.93 miles

Time: 48:37

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training session #1483

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Monday 27 August, 18:33

Running drills and techniques with Sheffield Vegan Runners. Concentrating on foot placement, foot speed and arms. Very enjoyable.

Distance: 2.52 miles

Time: 1:24:46

Stats include WU and WD.

training run #1482

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Recce of Hardmoors 60 route Whitby to Scarborough.

Saturday 25 August, 07:41

8C rising to 14C, sunny, breezy. Did 24.8 miles running along the course, checking the route directions, taking lots of pics, watching seals in the sea and chatting to others doing the same recce.

Cracking weather, ideal for running

A lot of the route is runnable with the occasional steep uphill/downhill that had to be walked. In places the route instructions were unclear or missed a turn. Had to retrace my steps here and there. Phone battery died about halfway so relied on paper instructions and a GPS trace I’d loaded to my TomTom watch.

Navigation complicated by unexpected detour

Really lucky with the weather. Loved the scenery. Could have run a little faster or carried on for a couple more miles, but then I’d have done a marathon!

End of my recce, Scarborough Spa

Distance: 24.78 miles

Time: 5:27:59

Avg pace: 11:55 min/mile

Calories: 2858

Ascent: 5294

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

Wildlife: seals, cows, sheep

training session 1481

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Thursday 23 August, 18:30

Vegan Runners Vintervals session. Shuttle runs tonight. So much back and forth I lost count at one point. Great session though, well led by Mikk and lots of encouragement and spirit from the group.

It rained throughout but we were rewarded with a double rainbow at the end.

Distance: 3.38 miles

Time: 52:21

Calories: 400

Trainers: Inov8 Parkclaw 275

Stats include WU and WD

training session #1480

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Wednesday 22 August, 17:25

23C overcast and humid run commute home. Sweaty.

Distance: 4.65 miles

Time: 47:47

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10