Day: August 30, 2018

training session #1486

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Thursday 30 August, 18:32

Interval training with Sheffield Vegan Runners. Eight of us plus Mikk the coach tonight, good turnout.


5x 1km with 3 minutes rest between

3x 200m sprint with 90 seconds rest between


Distance: 5.44 miles

Time: 1:18:35

Trainers: inov8 Parkclaw 275

Stats include WU and WD

training run #1485

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Wednesday 29 August, 17:21

Warm, 18C, sunny. Ran home carrying Surface Pro laptop in hand as I didn’t have a backpack. Bad planning on my part. Switched hands every half mile.

Distance: 4.67 miles

Time: 46:11

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

training run #1484

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Wednesday 29 August, 08:10

Run commute into work. Easy pace. Bit cooler and still sunny. Felt great for the start of work. Went via train station to pick up tickets.

Distance: 4.93 miles

Time: 48:37

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10