Month: September 2018

Penistone Hill Race

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Sunday 30 September, 10:31

10C, overcast and cool. Met another VR, Rachel, and her dad at the start. Chatted with local runners to get an idea of the course. Loved the first climb, ok on the downhill. Then walked bits of the second climb before dashing downhill the last couple of miles.

Really well marshalled, no danger of getting lost. A mile from the end a lady Marshall shouted ‘You prove vegan is good for you because you look so healthy!’ Made my smile bigger and made my day.

Lots of trophies for all age groups and literally every runner got a prize. Mine was a bottle of ale. The money raised goes towards keeping the sports centre open.

I’ll do this one again, lovely race.

Distance: 6.45 miles

Time: 1:03:34

Avg pace: 9:49 min/mile

Calories: 720

Ascent: 1047ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

Mansfield Parkrun

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Saturday 29 September, 09:00

8C and sunny. Sheffield VRs visited Mansfield Parkrun on its 6th birthday, the organiser since the beginning is a vegan. There were about 18 VRs present.

The course is three 1 mile laps, flat. Lovely route and well organised. As usual I intended to run easy (with a trail race tomorrow) but when my legs eased into the run I could not resist passing a few runners and maintaining a decent (for me) pace.

Distance: 3.06 miles (TomTom)

Time: 22:53 (29th finisher)

training session #1492

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Friday 28 September, 16:32

Run commute home from work. Heavy backpack with laptop and clothing. Sunny and cool, but felt tired and dehydrated.

Distance: 4.64 miles

Time: 46:24

training session #1491

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Friday 28 September, 08:08

Run commute to work. Almost empty new backpack. Easy pace run in sunny autumn weather, cooling breeze.

Distance: 4.71 miles

Time: 44:51

Training session #1490

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Thursday 27 September, 18:30

Vintervals (Vegan Runners Intervals) at Millhouses. Pyramid session, 3-4-5-4-3 mins with 90 seconds rest in between. Tough but good fun.

Stats include WU and WD

Distance : 4.75 miles

Time: 1:00:27

Castle Parkrun, Sheffield

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Saturday 22 September

Ran from home to Castle parkrun, and back. Stood around for 15 mins after the race, then got moving because the wind was chilly.


Distance: 8.62 miles

Time: 1:17:32

Calories: 962

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Parkrun: 23:52

Went faster with each mile: 8:19; 7:53; 7:15. So much for an easy pace recovery run, I could not resist racing.

Stockport 10k race

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Sunday 16 September, 10:00

Rainy, windy, cool. Would not normally race the day after a 23.6 mile hard trail run, but there were 228 Vegan Runners booked to run Stockport. As usual my idea of starting at the back and taking it easy, use this as a recovery run, did not last long.

My legs felt good so I started passing runners. By halfway I was definitely racing and at the finish was very pleased with my time. Not having done a 10k for years I had no idea what to expect.

A great meet-up and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Vegan Runners at Stockport 10k 2018

Distance: 6.02 miles

Time: 51:26 (official 51:25)

Avg pace: 8:32 min/mile

Calories: 655

Ascent: 312ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10