Whitby to Scarborough

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Saturday 15 September, 13:44

Sunny, breezy, warm. I was running the Whitby to Scarborough leg of Hardmoors 60 as a support runner to a friend who was competing in their first ultra. Met them at Whitby swing bridge and enjoyed the route I had reccied a few weeks ago. Ideal running conditions.

At times my friend was able to maintain a pace that was above comfortable for me on the undulating and sometimes hilly route which followed the Cleveland Way. I was virtually getting a nose bleed running near the front of a big race field, felt weird. My friend didn’t want to know their position in the race but a couple of (un)helpful spectators told us.

I had a bad spell just before Scarborough because I’d not taken on enough fluids, got a fuzzy head. Drank a bit and recovered enough to run halfway round North Bay and had to let my friend run on as I could not keep the pace. Job done, delivered safely and in good shape at Scarborough.

I walked and jogged towards the checkpoint, and chatted with a competitor who could not stick with my friend’s pace. A cracking run and I learned I could stick at a great pace much longer than I’d thought, and also learned to drink more!

Distance: 23.59 miles

Time: 4:48:12 (recce on 25/8 was in 5:27:59)

Avg pace: 11:33 min/mile

Calories: 2680

Ascent: 5016ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13


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