Month: October 2018

Glossop Parkrun 27 October 2018

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Snow started falling as I arrived in the car park. Zero celsius temperature. A bit of setting up a vegan Runners table for cake, buns and leaflets warmed me up a bit.

I happened to be near the front when the race director was giving the briefing. When she said ‘Go’ without fanfare or countdown I just leaped forward and tried to hang onto the front bunch.

This was different to my usual ‘take it steady for the first mile, then wind it up approach’.

The course had everything; tarmac, trail and grass/tree roots, a couple of short climbs. It was three twisty laps. I was pushing hard and was rewarded by my second fastest parkrun time (the fastest was set at flat Rother Valley).

Great atmosphere and chat with the other VRs, most were from Sheffield VR group.

Distance: official 5km; Tom Tom 2.93 miles

Time: 22:27

training session #1502

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Thursday 25 October, 17:25

Really enjoyed this easy run home, it was starting to go dark. Weather was cool and breezy, but fine in a t-shirt.

Distance: 4.68 miles

Time: 46:14

Avg pace: 9:53 min/mile

Calories: 533

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10o

training session #1501

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Thursday 25 October, 07:10

Had a heavy backpack so decided to walk to work instead of run. Really enjoyable in the early morning, cool weather, sun coming up.

Distance: 4.7 miles

Time: 1:12:16

training session #1500

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Monday 22 Oct, 18:30

Running drills and techniques with Sheffield Vegan Runners.

After a warm up Mikk took the group onto a tarmac area of the park. Introduced some new drills and Fisher and I found the co-ordination a bit tricky. Really enjoyable session with head torches.

Drills and WD were 1.84 miles in 1:02:09. (Didn’t measure WU)

Sweeping Marshall at Osmotherley 10k

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Sunday 21 October 2018

I’d responded to a shout out from the organisers for volunteers, and was put in a team of three sweepers for the 10k. Weather seemed bright and breezy, sun trying to break through.

Met up with Bev, who’d volunteered before, and we were given instructions by Jon. Walked up to the start line with the runners.

We watched the runners depart, and a chap in a Hardmoors top stood with the starter (Jon) said to me “were you at York last week?” Stunned, I said Yes and he responded “Thought so, I remember you smiling and running with your brother”. I laughed, never seen this chap before but once again our double act in a Marathon got us remembered.

The 10k was fine, bits of jogging and walking to keep behind, but not too close to, the runners ahead. Lots of chat, and we picked up Ronni the third Marshall at the first drink station. The route had a few long climbs and steep steps in places, but on the tops the views were spectacular.

We gave encouragement to a couple of the back markers and held gates for some fast Half Marathon runners dashing through.

Really enjoyed the volunteering experience and will do some more, as and when my racing calendar allows.

Distance: 6.75 miles (Hardmoors races are typically longer that ‘standard’ race distances)

Time: 1:57:36

Avg pace: 15:19 min/mile

Calories: 747

Ascent: 896ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

Langdale Half Marathon, Saturday 20 October 2018

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I’d been given free entry to this race after cancelling my place on the Windermere Marathon in May with terrible Achilles trouble. Drove up from home, leaving at 04:30 for the early start. Raining again like the previous weekend.

I knew there were some hills, from the course profile. Set off steady, the first mile was flattish, then came a steep and long climb. There were lots of steep descents too. I picked up strength and speed in the middle and enjoyed passing a few runners.

Though it was similar weather to York I layered my tops the same and my hands were fine, not frozen.

It would have been more beautiful in crisp sunny autumn sunshine; today the hills were shrouded in cloud. I smiled a lot, per usual, knew I’d got plenty of energy to get me round.

Left adductor tightened up a bit. There was some car traffic on the minor roads the race is run on, but not the expected logjam. Approaching the finish chute I undid my jacket and got a ‘vegan runner’ shout out from the announcer.

Collecting my medal and giving back the timing device, the lady helping me commented “you’ve got a lovely smile”, which topped off my run nicely.

Finished 91st out of something like 302 runners. I was 10th in my age category out of 27. Happy with that, there looked to be a lot of gnarly, local old blokes running like mountain goats.

Distance: official 13.1 miles; Tom Tom 13.08 miles

Time: official 1:56:25; Tom Tom 1:56:23

Avg pace: 8:52 min/mile

Calories: 1449

Ascent: official 1700ft; Tom Tom 1664ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Yorkshire Marathon (York), 14 October 2018

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Ran this with my twin brother Jeff. Weather wet and cool. We adopted a run/walk pattern to maximise the chances of Jeff completing it with recent recovery from Achilles trouble. It was a good call, helped us both at times, and our finish time was the best we could reasonably have expected.

The weather really was horrible and the slight breeze chilled my hands badly. Good job I’d layered up well. Noted the need for an unusual number of pit stops.

As usual we smiled our way around, and got a good shout out from the finish line announcer – “TWIIIINS!!”

Distance: official 26.2 miles; Tom Tom 26.3 miles

Time: official 4:38:35; Tom Tom 4:38:36

Avg pace: 10:28 min/mile

Calories: 3009

Ascent: 516ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10