Month: November 2018

Brighton & Hove parkrun

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Saturday 17 November, 09:04

Big Vegan Weekend gathering of VRs at this parkrun. Was going to run easy but the weather was great and could not resist overtaking. Mile splits show I pushed on after the first half mile, as the runners spread out.

Distance: 5k

Time : Official 23:02

training session #1514

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Thursday 15 November, 18:49

Hill interval session with Sheffield Vegan Runners. Will, Fisher, Julie, Kelly, Helen, Mikk and me. On the golf course running to trees. Great session.

Distance: 4.26 miles

Time: 1:12:16

Stats include WU and WD

training session #1513

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Wednesday 14 November, 17:09

Run commute home, easy pace with a light backpack.

Distance: 4.75 miles

Time: 46:17

training session #1512

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Tuesday 13 November, 06:50

Brisk walk from home to train station.

Distance: 3.72 miles

Time: 58:46

training session #1511

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Monday 12 November, 18:30

Running drills and a social run around the area, with Sheffield Vegan Runners.

Forgot to start watch so only measured the social run and WD.

Then when I got home I went out for a couple more miles, while I was dressed for it.

Distance: 5.1 miles

Time: 1:06:22

Dalby Dash 10k

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Sunday 11 November, 11:02

It started to rain as the race director said a few words and we had 2 minutes silence. I’d found out a bit about the course from another runner on the start line, positioned myself behind the fastest runners but not that far back.

The start was downhill then rose into a long hill about 1.5 miles long. After that was about 3 miles of downhill, then a flattish mile to the finish. The first 2 miles were good tarmac, then compacted stone trail.

Felt good on the hill, pushed hard down the downhill and kept it going along to the end.

Knocked 6 minutes off my 10k PB that I’d set at Stockport in September. Finished 101st out of 455. Was 17th in my age category out of 52. Very happy.

And I was going to do this race easy and work hard at Brighton next weekend! Guess I’ll swap it round and enjoy flat Brighton.

Distance: 10km

Time: official 45:21 Fitbit 45:25

Avg pace: official 7:18 min/mile Fitbit 7:35 min/mile

Avg HR: 148bpm

Calories: 495

Ascent: 580ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

Graves Park parkrun

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Saturday 10 November, 09:09

First run on the new course at Graves. Seemed to be hillier than previous, enjoyed it.

Pushed from the start, as heart rate shows.

Met a few Sheffield VRs

Distance: 3.1 miles

Time: 23:39