Month: December 2018

Gerald Story Memorial Fun Run, Worksop

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Sunday 30 December, 11:00

Decided to do this run rather than a fell race in north Sheffield. Ran with Rachael, Scott (both VRs) and Mandy. Took it steady enjoying the undulating course through forested scenery. A mix of tarmac and trail.

Distance: 4.91 miles

Time: 47:32 official

Graves Park parkrun

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Saturday 29 December, 09:09

A couple of VRs coaxed me to get up and do this parkrun. My head wasn’t in it.

Did lots of warm up, ran very slow, and a long cool down. Nearly missed the VR photo.

My slowest parkrun to date.

Distance: 5k

Time: 33:03

Social run with Sheffield Vegan Runners

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Friday 28 December, 18:05

Seven of us started out from The Greystones pub, running up out of Sheffield into the countryside. Went up Porter Clough, apparently. I had no clue, it was dark, headtorches on and unfamiliar territory.

After 4 miles or so we picked up another 7 VRs at the Norfolk Arms(?), for the downhill return. Great atmosphere and an enjoyable run. Vegan pizza at the pub afterwards.

Distance: 7.59 miles

Time: 1:32:48

Avg pace: 12:12

Calories: 886

Ascent: 982ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

training run #1527

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Thursday 27 December, 18:35

Intervals with Sheffield Vegan Runners. Seven of us did a pyramid session; 3 min, 4:5:4:3, with 60 seconds recovery in between. Stats include WU and WD.

Distance: 4.75 miles

Time: 1:01:24

Poolsbrook parkrun

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Christmas Day, 09:07

Lots of runners, about 14 of them were from Vegan Runners. Cool and overcast but not icy. Started in the middle, as it thinned out I started passing runners. Last lap I caught up with Mikk and Caroline and Mikk encouraged me into a sprint finish.

Distance: 5k: Suunto 3.13 miles

Time: 23:49: Suunto 24:00

training run #1526

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Monday 24th December, 17:06

Drills and social run with Sheffield VRs. Just 4 of us but very enjoyable. Did Steps of Doom twice.

Distance: 2.8 miles

Time: 56:18

Clumber Park Trust 10k Race

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Sunday 23 December, 09:07

Drove through heavy rain to Clumber, but it eased off to light occasional rain for the race. First time here, the course is three and a bit laps. Muddy trails.

Ran easy pace with Julie and Rachael. Lots of Christmas spirit from the runners and marshalls.

Jo provided coffee and a mince pie after.

Unofficial figures –

Distance: 6.3 miles

Time: 1:01:31

Avg HR: 140bpm

Avg pace: 9:46 min/mile

Calories: 597

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13