Month: December 2018

training session #1521

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Tuesday 4 December, 17:29

Walk commute home, slow and easy. Tapering.

Distance: 4.83 miles

Time: 1:26:15

training session #1520

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Monday 3 December, 16:47

Steady walk home from train station. Tapering this week so didn’t run and not doing drills session tonight.

Distance: 4.02 miles

Time: 1:11:20

Percy Pud 10k race

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Sunday 2 December, 09:30

Drizzly rain set in for the start of the race. Around 3000 runners took part. Had planned to run it easy as I’m tapering for next weekend. However, I made a good start and pushed on a bit especially on the return leg (it’s an out and back route).

Enjoyed passing runners but it took a lot of weaving about to make progress. Was also good to see (and chat with) around 15 VRs.

Lots of reaction to my Christmas Tree headgear, all positive. Liked the route, would run this again.

Just seen in my age category I was 34th out of 154 – very pleased with that.

Distance: 10k; Suunto 6.23 miles

Time: official 45:27; Suunto 45:38 (late stopping watch on finish)

Avg pace: 7:19 min/mile

Calories: 741

Ascent: 189ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Hallam parkrun with Sheffield VRs

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Saturday 1 December, 09:03

Cool and drizzly. Could feel hamstrings from the midweek interval session. Took it easy first lap and gradually wound pace up to 85/90% on second lap, sprinting the finish.

Distance: 5k; Suunto 3.08 miles

Time: official 25:02; Suunto 24:50