Month: January 2019

training session #1530

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Wednesday 2 January, 17:22

Walk commute home from work, including shopping.

Distance: 4.95 miles

Time: 1:21:00

training session #1529

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Wednesday 2 January, 08:00

Walk commute to work. Lovely dry winter day.

Distance: 4.77 miles

Time: 1:20:22

training run #1528

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Tuesday 1 January, 12:13

I’d done 2 parkruns, had my kit on and some free time so decided to do some laps of Rother Valley. I need to get back to distance running (and also add some hills).

Took it steady, lots of families, prams and bikes to dodge.

Distance: 9.2 miles

Time: 1:23:19

Avg pace: 9:02 min/mile

Calories: 1054

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

Poolsbrook parkrun

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Tuesday 1 January, 10:41

Second parkrun of the day. Ran easy with Rachael and Scott. Narrow paths and over 600 attendees meant being patient. Loved it.

The VRs that ran at Graves we’re joined by VRs who’d done the early Clumber parkrun.

Distance: 5k

Time: 31:34

Graves parkrun

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Tuesday 1 January, 09:10

First parkrun of the day. Went for it from the start and got a PB on this course, and was a full ten minutes faster than Saturdays run.

Distance: 5k

Time: 23:01

Then got in the car and drove to Poolsbrook…