Day: February 11, 2019

training session #1465

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Monday 11 February, 18:33

Running drills and techniques session with Sheffield VRs. Spent most of the time on the tennis courts and then did some downhill running practice.

Distance: 2.44 miles (incl WU & WD)

Time: 1:14:52

training session #1464

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Sunday 10 February, 09:10

Easy pace run with Rachael. Mix of trail and tarmac. Drizzly weather, brightening up later.

Distance: 6.59 miles

Time: 1:13:38

training session #1463

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Saturday 9 February 10:30

Walked into Bakewell with Jo to amble round some shops.

Distance: 3 miles approx

Time: 1:40 approx

Bakewell parkrun

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Saturday 9 February, 09:01

VR meet-up to celebrate Karen and Caroline running their 50th parkruns. Rain at the start died away but strong wind persisted.

Ran easy with Jo.

Total distance including WU and WD: 4.3 miles

Official parkrun (5k) time: 29:28

training session #1462

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Thursday 7 February, 18:38

Intervals with Sheffield VRs. Ran in Ecclesall Woods, 3 minutes at tempo pace, 2 minute recovery x lots (lost count). Messed up stats by driving into Sheffield centre before stopping watch.