Month: February 2019

training session #1476

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Tuesday 19 February, 17:07

Run commute home from work, medium weight backpack. Ran via train station to pick up tickets, and paused to answer a few messages on phone.

Distance: 5.02 miles

Time: 49:39

training session #1473

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Sunday 17 February, 16:16

Got home after a day out, thought I’d use the last hour of daylight to get a few more easy pace miles in, like a split long run. Ran in a loop around local area.

Distance: 6.07 miles

Time: 1:00:12

training session #1472

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Sunday 17 February, 08:00

Ran with Rachael, Laura and John (pootlers) from Mansfield Woodhouse to Warsop and return. Mostly footpaths with a lovely trail alongside a stream. Great sunny weather again.

Distance: 8.08 miles

Time: 1:26:05

Sherwood Pines parkrun

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Saturday 16 February, 09:04

Vegan Runners from Sheffield, Nottingham and surrounds met up for this parkrun. Ran with Rachael. A lovely course with brilliant winter sunshine. Photos and coffee afterwards. At least 27 VRs present.

Distance: 5k

Official time: 30:12

training session #1471

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Thursday 14 February, 18:38

Went to intervals training intending to rest stiff calf and just do WU and WD. Then watch and encourage. Calf eased off so did the intervals at tempo pace.

1200m; 100; 800; 600; 400; 200; 100, with 90 sec recovery.

Total distance: 4.96 miles

Total time: 57:48

training session #1470

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Thursday 14 February, 07:19

3C, cold. An early morning run before working at home. Part footpaths, part trail. Enjoyed it.

Distance: 6.2 miles

Time: 1:02:19

training session #1469

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Wednesday 13 February, 17:33

Run commute home, heavy backpack. Clear skies and turning cool, still ran in T-shirt.

Distance: 4.73 miles

Time: 48:36