Month: March 2019

training session #1502

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Thursday 28 March, 08:07

Run to work, first use of new Brooks Ghost 11 shoes. Breaking them in so I might use them in Paris. A nice sunny morning.

Distance: 4.72 miles

Time: 41:55

Fastest Suunto time on this route

training session #1501

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Wednesday 27 March, 17:42

Run home from work. Light backpack. Fast time and wasn’t trying. Legs were good after a couple of days off running with DOMS.

Distance: 4.71 miles

Time: 44:15

training session #1500

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Saturday 23 March, 09:34

Did an unofficial recce of three sections of the Lakeland 50, from Howtown to Ambleside. Expected it to be just over 21 miles.

Ran with Phil, Jo and Emma, who I’d not known before. Just gathered on Facebook to set it up. We all got on well.

Mixed terrain, very hilly, great weather. Ended up doing 25+ miles. Tired but happy, had a fab day. If this is what 25 slow miles feels like the full 50 will be tough!

Distance: 25.1 miles

Time: 7:24:56

Ascent 5597ft

training session #1499 *10 years running anniversary*

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My first ever training run was run #1 on 21 March 2009.

Thursday 21 March, 18:37

Did Mansfield Woodhouse Pootlers efforts session with Rachael, Steve and Suzanne. Liked it. Didn’t go 100% to save my legs for Saturday.

Stats include WU and WD

Distance: 4.28 miles

Time: 55:32

training session #1498

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Wednesday 20 March, 16:53

Run commute home from work. Fastest time on this route using Suunto and I wasn’t trying. Was just in a good mood.

Distance: 4.68 miles

Time: 44:16

training session #1497

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Wednesday 20 March, 08:11

Run commute to work.

Distance: 4.7 miles

Training: 45:47

training session #1496

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Tuesday 19 March, 17:43

Run commute home from work.

Distance: 4.71 miles

Time: 44:43