Day: March 8, 2019

training session #1489

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Friday 8 March, 07:09

A recovery run on local paths, very steady.

Distance: 3.56 miles

Time: 36:26

training session #1488

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Thursday 7 March, 18:37

Interval session with Sheffield VRs. Low turnout just Kelly, Mikk and me. The usual part of the park was very wet and a rugby group were on it. Did pyramid session on footpath.

7 min half mara pace

5 min 10k pace

3 min 5k pace

5 min 10k pace

7 min half mara pace

2 min jog recovery between each

Bumped into Claire H while on last leg.

Stats include WU and WD

Distance: 6.29 miles

Time: 1:07:56

training session #1487

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Tuesday 5 March, 06:59

Morning run on footpaths. Easy pace. Nice.

Distance: 4.9 miles

Time: 47:07