Day: March 18, 2019

Notts 20 race

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Sunday 17 March, 09:01

The first running of this event. Planned to use it as a long slow training run for Paris. As usual, once the runners spread out I managed to set a faster than I’d intended pace.

I got wet feet in massive puddles in the first mile. Ran with Anthony from Mansfield for a few miles early on. Scott was running a much faster race ahead of me. Rachael was supporter and photographer, for many of the competitors.

A windy day with the odd shower. A lot of sunshine too. The course had flat sections, a couple of hills in the first half. Everyone seemed to measure it as 19.9 miles not 20.

Had 4 gels, bit of water from some water points.

I enjoyed it, did much better than I could have expected. A good confidence builder for Paris.

Distance: official 20 miles; Suunto 19.9 miles

Time: official 2:46:32; Suunto 2:46:44

Avg pace: 8:22 min/mile

Calories: 2279

Ascent: 393ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Sheffield Castle parkrun

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Saturday 16 March, 09:00

Was planning to do a big VR parkrun meet up at Huddersfield but very bad wind and rain got in the way. Stayed local, did my nearest parkrun instead.

There were rain showers and on the long uphill at the end of each lap I was running into a strong headwind. As I had a 20 mile race on the Sunday I was going to run easy. But when you’ve made the effort in bad weather….

I ended up setting a PB for this course.

Distance: 5k official; 3.06 miles Suunto

Time: official 23:06; Suunto 23:05

training session #1494

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Thursday 14 March, 18:04

Another 5 mile evening run on paths. Decided to avoid VR intervals session with a race coming up at the weekend.

Distance: 4.86 miles

Time: 45:47

training session #1493

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Wednesday 13 March, 17:11

Run commute home, light backpack. Suunto app said it’s my fastest time on the route but not checked back properly. Felt strong.

Distance: 4.72 miles

Time: 44:41

training session #1492

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Wednesday 13 March, 08:06

Run commute to work with a fairly light backpack. Windy.

Distance: 4.75 miles

Time: 46:18

training session #1491

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Tuesday 12 March, 18:22

A gentle evening run, 5 miles on footpaths.

Distance: 4.84 miles

Time: 47:08