Notts 20 race

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Sunday 17 March, 09:01

The first running of this event. Planned to use it as a long slow training run for Paris. As usual, once the runners spread out I managed to set a faster than I’d intended pace.

I got wet feet in massive puddles in the first mile. Ran with Anthony from Mansfield for a few miles early on. Scott was running a much faster race ahead of me. Rachael was supporter and photographer, for many of the competitors.

A windy day with the odd shower. A lot of sunshine too. The course had flat sections, a couple of hills in the first half. Everyone seemed to measure it as 19.9 miles not 20.

Had 4 gels, bit of water from some water points.

I enjoyed it, did much better than I could have expected. A good confidence builder for Paris.

Distance: official 20 miles; Suunto 19.9 miles

Time: official 2:46:32; Suunto 2:46:44

Avg pace: 8:22 min/mile

Calories: 2279

Ascent: 393ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

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