training session #1486

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Sunday 3 March, 09:32

17 mile long slow run. Ran the first 10 miles with Rachael, Mandy and Tina from Mansfield Woodhouse Pootlers. Tina struggled on the return, making a very slow pace. I did the next 7 miles solo running down the Vale, and the pace was a little faster. All good miles in zone 2, and time on my feet, for Paris marathon.

Weather was light rain showers and a cold wind.

Distance: 17.2 miles

Time: 3:06:29

Avg pace: 10:51 min/mile

Calories: 1996

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 12

training run #1303

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Friday 7 July, 07:00

16C – 20C, fairly warm and some sunshine.  A 17.4 mile run along the route of the Exterminator race, to check the route I’ve plotted and see how it feels.  

today’s route

Managed to navigate almost all of it without reference to phone or watch, it seemed familiar from the recce runs I’ve done this week.  About 10.5 miles in a triple whammy; phone died as I tried to check a turning; turned left ankle but no damage; full sunshine started and it got very hot.  Took a wrong turn between CP8 and CP9, wasted a few hundred yards/ 5 minutes wandering. 

Drank 1 litre of water and 2 gels.  Could have done with more water, will consider using a bladder for these longer summer runs instead of just relying on the Salomon collapsible bottles.  

Right heel hurt a bit in the second half.  Had a niggle in right knee, most notable when climbing after CP8 Grindleford.  Both feet hurt a bit.  Lower left back niggled a bit due to the descents I think.  Might be easier to say what wasn’t aching or hurting!  

Tired a lot, but got a surprising boost of energy when I realised I could finish in under 4 hours and decided to push on.  In race conditions, with adrenaline and more urgency to push on I can knock time off.  Overall, this felt like I’d run a marathon, it was that tough with the climbing and heat.

Need to check if there’s a better route just before CP3, going round Higger Tor instead of climbing over it.  Did find a (new to me) steep ‘short-cut’ between CP1 and CP2 🙂

Distance:  17.38 miles

Time:  3:57:50

Avg pace:  13:12 min/mile

Calories:  2038

Elevation gain:  3454ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1224

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Sunday 5 February, 06:49

3C, cool, some cloud cover. A 17.4 mile run.  The training schedule called for the lesser of 2h 45m running or 16 miles: I opted to do the 2h 45 knowing it would be something over 17 miles. Legs felt OK but not particularly strong or rested. Just tried to keep the pace easy and steady. Drank 500ml water and had 3 gels.  

The km splits show I did a really consistent pace around 5:41 km/min around RV as I returned home.  That was despite the fitbit showing the word ‘PACE’ instead of telling me what it was for the last part of the run! Tired but a good run.

Distance:  28.06km

Time:  2:45:23

Avg HR:  140bpm (probable a low measure)

Avg pace:  5:53 min/km

Calories:  1835

Brooks Ghost trainers #3

Wildlife:  1 pheasant