training run #162

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Saturday 22 May, 8:07

Went for a 4km run in Cardiff, along a long flat road and loop round the Assembly, back to hotel.  Very warm even at 8am, tried to keep easy pace and went well, no ITBFS.  Stretched afterwards.

Distance:  4.19km
Time:  25:02
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  5:58 min/km


Cardiff Half Marathon 18 October 2009

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Weather cool>cold, sunny, light breeze in parts of the race. Ideal conditions.

Intended to run 10 minutes per mile and get round in 2:10 to 2:15.  After the first split I just carried on and hoped I’d not run out of energy.  I knew if I could keep that early pace I’d get in in under 2 hours.

I grabbed water at all but 1 if the water points, a quick gulp and splash on the head.  Also had a gulp of Powerade half way round.

At 4 miles I was doubting I’d be able to keep the pace, and by 8 miles I was just thinking ‘bring it home’, take it steady and get round. So I was surprised at the consistency of the times.

Felt a blister on my arch/instep after halfway.  Also, just before the 12 mile marker my ankle went over on an uneven path in the park – it was crowded and didn’t see a hole. Didn’t hurt at all at the time but later after the race I was limping a bit as if it strained a few things.

Mile splits:
Mile 1:  9:36
Mile 2:  9:07
Mile 3:  8:46
Mile 4:  10:02
Mile 5:  8:55
Mile 6:  8:57
Mile 7:  9:00
Mile 8:  8:47
Mile 9:  8:43
Mile 10:  9:00
Mile 11:  9:07
Mile 12:  9:20
Mile 13:  9:00
Last 0.1 mile: 1:00
Total watch time:  1:59:20
Official chip time:  1:59:21

I was aware I was on schedule and checked my watch on the home straight, and it was 1:57:something, so put a spurt on and was very relieved it was 1:59:something crossing the line.

training run #61

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Tuesday 8 September, 6.49am.

Mild, breezy, overcast.

Aimed to do a gentle 8k to loosen up after the BGYR and to make a start preparing for the Cardiff Half Marathon (CHM).

The HRM would not find the chest strap HR signal despite pressing all the watch buttons, so only captured the splits.  I think I know now when I’m running within my HR zone anyway.  Think I’ll need to change the strap’s battery.  The watch did find the laptop and download this and the previous saved run, so at least that works now.

Lap 1:  26.18
Lap 2:  26.47
Total:  53.05

Legs felt heavy here and there during the run, but got into a nice rhythm.  A useful workout.