Cycle commute to and from

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Wednesday 1 August

Out 08:09

Distance: 5.19 miles

Time: 31:52

Back 17:45

Distance: 4.94 miles

Time: 32:31

Trying to cycle easy, not pushing at all. Hot weather.

Cycle commute to & from

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Tuesday 31 July

08:06 damp route after light rain showers

Distance: 5.18 miles

Time: 35:58

16:50 not full sun but very warm

Distance: 5.02 miles

Time: 33:06

Still taking these rides easy, enjoying the time.

Cycle commute to/from work

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Wednesday 25 July 08:18 and 17:20

Took it easy on this hot day. First cycle of any distance for years. Not sure of the bike either, cleaned it up but brakes squeak and bearings could lock up unexpectedly.

Fell off at 0mph at Cathedral. A tram was pulling out of the stop so I slowed and headed for road furniture to rest against a few seconds. Feet got stuck in pedals and I went splat. Minor graze, maximum embarrassment!

Out: 5.21 miles in 39:40

Return: 4.94 miles in 37:18

training session #386

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Tuesday 31 January, 16:57.

Staying overnight in London for work so decided to check out the small gym. Got on the bike machine, dialled it up to 9 on resistance and tried to keep it around 80rpm for an hour. After 20-25 mins thought I might struggle but kept it going. Slight chafing in between legs and pouring with sweat. Drank 750ml water on bike and half as much again from water point in gym straight away. Garmin HRM kept trying to find satellite cos I pressed the wrong button, and I didn’t tell it I was cycling not running. The cycle machine kept saying I was doing 16 something per hour, dunno if it’s miles or km.

Distance: 16 somethings
Time: 1:00:00
Avg HR: 136bpm
Calories: machine said 600-odd, Garmin said 692

Good workout for my upper legs. HR may have been slightly lower had I not been bopping to 30STM while in the saddle (I had the gym to myself). Towards the end it was stuck in the 150s.


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Wednesday 10 August

Last day for the loan bike.  Cycled to work, very windy and light drizzle.  Found it easier on some of the hills as my legs have got stronger, able to stay in a slightly higher gear than when I first got the bike.

Handed bike back at lunchtime, got a voucher for 10% off at 3 bike Sheffield shops.


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Another 2 days cycling to/from work – Weds 3/8 and today Fri 5/8.


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Tuesday 2 August

Cycled to and from work.  A warm, sunny day so took it steady.  I felt a bit rusty after a 2 week break, but no problems.