training run #872 (recovery #1)

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Sunday 30 November, 08:01

8C, sunrise, cool. This was my first attempt at a run since 27 October, five weeks ago. A quick recap:

27/10 felt right glute muscle stiffen, lower back spasmed, completed run but awful pain walking on right leg later. Persisted for days, weeks.

29/10 saw doctor. Seemed to be ruling out sciatica and other serious conditions. Asked about all sorts including bowel movements, even though I told him it was my glute/hip. Prodded stomach etc. told me to keep mobile, and as I had a prescription review in two weeks to report back then if not improved.

12/11 saw GP again, walking almost normally. Was told any physiotherapy on NHS would mean waiting 5-6 weeks. Annual review went ok. Changed the type of statins I’m on. Overall cholesterol 5.1.

This past week I’ve felt my glute/hip very little so decided to try a gentle run, aim for a lap of the main lake. Did it at a very easy pace, it seemed about 6:25 min/km around the lake. Back felt not as mobile as usual, but ok. About 2.5km into the run my right hip started to feel slightly sore so at 2.75km I started walking. Switched Garmin off at 3km and walked the rest. Didn’t want to risk really aggravating anything.

It didn’t stiffen up later, though I noticed it while out shopping. By tea time right leg felt normal, no problems at all. Think I’ll try another easy run later in the week. Maybe I’ll have to gradually strengthen the glutes to get hip stability back. Overall I’m relieved it’s not another setback, just need to be patient.

Distance: 3.01km
Time: 19:33
Avg HR: didn’t wear HR strap
Avg pace: 6:30 min/km (includes 250m walking)
Calories: 254

Doctors visit 20 November 2013

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Annual review with doctor today, just to check if I’m staying on simvastatin for another year. Blood test results show ‘normal’ liver function (checked since I had gall bladder removed) and cholesterol figure is 4.8. This is the same as last time and doctor is content. Blood pressure also ‘normal’.

Chatted about running and was told we’ll carry on with the prescription, review again in 12 months.

results from the doctors

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I went for my annual blood test results from the doctors on Friday 9 November.  Straightforward outcome.

Cholesterol overall score was 4.8 – doc was happy with that as it’s lower than 5 but would be good to get it down to around 4.  Still taking simvastatin tablets daily and this probably kept my score below 5 as I do have the occasional pizza, Chinese takeaway and chip shop tea, and chocolate.

My liver function is fine, but he didn’t give me a score for that.

Doc took my blood pressure, then waited and took it again to be sure.  Scored 120/82, which is fine.  I had been running that morning, and told the doc.

We talked about my running and he said to see him again in 12 months.

results from the doctors

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Went to get results from my blood test, an annual review while I’m on simvastatin long term (possibly forever).  Doctor was pleased with the scores.

Liver function OK – bilirubin level 22 (normal expected level up to 21)

Overall cholesterol level 3.9

Didn’t catch the blood pressure score but doc said it was fine.  And I’d had a row with Jacqui on way out to the docs so surprised it wasn’t raised a bit 😉

Good results and will see the doc in another 12 months.

Docs blood test

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Had a blood test Monday 10 January, got results Friday 17 January.

Liver function ‘normal’.

Cholesterol ‘borderline’ – 4.9

Decided to cut out almost all chocolate and pizzas, etc!  To see if I can improve and get nearer to 4.0.

(Doc didn’t leave a note when he wanted me to do another blood test)


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Saw doctors on 21 September for blood test results, an annual review.  Total cholesterol was 4.3, compared to 3.7 and 3.8 last times.  Bilirubin now 36, compared to 32, 32, 27 previous times.

As both are slightly raised from last time doc wants to check it’s not an upward trend so having another blood test in 3 months.  But nothing to be concerned about.  Just eat less pizza and chocolate etc to get cholesterol back on track 🙂

Doc again declined to fill in health form for overseas marathon (Rome), so going for plan B.

docs 20/11/09

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Got blood test results – looking at bilirubin levels.

Unconjugated bilirubin: 27 (normal levels are 5 to 28)
Conjugated bilirubin: 2.6 (normal levels are 1.7 to 8.6)

Doc happy its gone down to normal levels and the likelihood of my having Gilberts Syndrome has reduced.  Next review in 9 months / Aug 2010.

Good result.

Now just need the doc to sign the health certificate for the Paris marathon…

docs 28/08/09

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Results of blood test for cholesterol and liver function:

Total cholesterol 3.8 – almost same as last test.
Within this, triglycerides are 2.4 – doc would like that below 2.0, but it’s OK.

Liver – bilirubin level is same as last test at 32. This is not excessive but slightly raised. Could be a sign of Gilberts Syndrome, or just naturally raised. Bilirubin is linked to red blood cells. If it drops that’s good; if it stays at 32 that’s OK but may mean if I get an infection I’ll be slightly more jaundiced than I’d otherwise be; if it goes up they’ll need to investigate. Another test in 2 months.

Asked about glucosamine sulphate and cod liver oil tablets to help knee and other joints with my running. Doc said the evidence was inconclusive whether they’re beneficial but neither would harm my low-cholesterol efforts.

Asked about how straightforward a certificate would be for running a marathon in the future. Doc said if they need a cast-iron guarantee I’m fit it’d be a raft of scans and tests and quite costly – there are sports docs that would do it. If it’s just a more general note that I’m in fair health with no known major complaints that’s easier and something he’d be happy to do. Depends to what degree they’re needing proof of fitness.

Docs 8/5/09

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Visited docs for results of cholesterol test and repeat prescription.

Total cholesterol reduced from 6.4 to 3.7 – brilliant. Doc even commented it would be good to get it up to 4.0!!

The initial concern and reason for prescribing simvastatin was the ratio of total cholesterol to ‘good’ cholesterol – 7:1. Now, that is down to 3.7:1 – great!

The blood test also tested liver function, and while this was ‘almost perfect’ the doc said my bilirubin level was slightly raised. Not a big concern, as it is most likely linked to gallstones passing through the bile duct, but needs to be checked again a few months after my op. There is a rare illness linked to raised bilirubin, but didn’t note the name (something like Graham’s syndrome??).

Hospital 23/3/09

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The docs say they’ll take my gall bladder out, to completely prevent further trouble. Next appointment 15/4 for a ‘pre-op’, whatever that is.

The op is keyhole surgery under general anaesthetic, should be in hospital 3 days – longer if there’s any complications. Then 2-3 weeks recovery at home. Doc said I should be OK for the BGYR 10k in September.