training run #1310

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Wednesday 19 June, 06:29

16C, overcast, humid and breezy. A 4 mile recovery run.  The plan called for an easy short run so I complied.  Drank 400ml water. Straightforward.

Headed off for a routine blood test after showering and getting dressed.

Distance:  4.18 miles

Time:  37:51

Avg HR:  141bpm

Avg pace:  9:03 min/mile

Calories:  414

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  1 squirrel, 10 rabbits

training run #1309

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Tuesday 18 July, 06:19

14C, overcast, cool, a bit foggy.  A 7 mile run with intervals.  Training plan called for a warm up (did 1 mile), then five miles increasing in pace/effort, then a cool down run home.  I started looking at pace but switched to heart rate, and stepped it up from around 132, 138, 144, 155, then 165 or so.  Enjoyed it, and the graphs afterwards show what I was trying to achieve.

pleased with the pace for the fastest split, and it felt OK

Drank 400ml water.  Didnt manage a run yesterday due to working in London, which shows I’m going to have to flex the training schedule a bit.

Distance:  7.07 miles

Time:  1:01:25

Avg HR:  144bpm (peaked at 167bpm)

Avg pace:  8:41 min/mile

Calories:  704

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  4 rabbits

training run #1308

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Sunday 16 July, 07:15

14C, overcast and drizzly.  A 7 mile run on the checkpoint 7 to checkpoint 9 loop I’ve done before.  It was 18C at home and forecast sunny and getting wamer, but arriving at Fox House there was low cloud, drizzle and a forecast for more of the same.  Probably overdressed changing to a long sleeved top.

Thought I’d follow one of the recce loops again and still got lost at one point where high ferns and heather moorland obscured any obvious trail path.  In spite of this, I was 25 minutes quicker than last time I did this route (run #1302) and ran 0.75 miles less.

Felt strong, ran more of the uphills and enjoyed it.  Drank 500ml water and had a gel at home, another at 3 miles.

Wore my new inov-8 x-claw 275 trainers today.  Thought I’d better break them in and expected that a few rainy days may have left softer ground.  The trainers were great, nice and lightweight, lovely feeling running on grass and soil, no problem on some of the rocky paths.  Today the ground wasn’t as soft / muddy as I’d expected.  Feet still got wet though due to wet grass and foliage.

It is 16 weeks to the Indianapolis Marathon, so I’ll start following a training schedule.  Have downloaded one from the marathon website and it seems OK, but I’ll not be sticking religiously to any plan, I need to build good fitness and mileage and accommodate a few races as well.  Would be nice to get under 4 hours – apparently it’s a fairly flat course – but my main concern is managing niggles and getting to the start line able to finish the course.

Distance:  6.98 miles

Time:  1:21:33

Avg pace:  11:24 min/mile

Calories:  835

Elevation gain:  1003ft

Trainers:  Inov-8 x-claw 275

Wildlife:  1 squirrel

training run #1307

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Friday 14 July, 07:16

14C, warm, overcast.  An 8 mile run-commute.  Felt a bit so-so, not strong, but packed a full backpack and set off.  Around halfway my legs came to life and I had a bit of bounce, around the same time light drizzle turned into a proper shower and soaked me.  It was nice though, cooling. 

Had a gel before starting and 400ml water during the run.  Felt fine at the finish and was a little quicker than yesterday, but not a pb.  Noticed right foot niggle on and off later in the run.

Distance:  7.66 miles

Time:  1:11:09

Avg HR:  141bpm

Avg pace:  9:17 min/mile

Calories:  800

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1306

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Thursday 13 July, 07:14

13C, overcast, breezy.  Ideal cool-ish conditions for running to work, 8 miles.  Packed running pack full of work clothes, mobiles and water.  It’s good practice for when I have to carry full kit on a trail race.  No problems and felt good throughout.  Drank 500ml water.  Wore Fitbit today so have HR data.

Distance:  7.61 miles

Time:  1:12:32

Avg HR:  144bpm

Avg pace:  9:32 min/mile

Calories:  826

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1305

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Monday 10 July, 06:10

16C, warm and sunny.  A 7 mile run at Rother Valley, on paths.  Felt OK but not particularly strong.  Pushed on a little and kept an even effort, but didnt check watch while running.  Finished in a good time (for me), and can see getting under 60 mins if I pushed more.  It seemed a little hard keeping going, as with lots of recent trail running I’ve got used to run/walk/run.  Drank 500ml water.

Distance:  7.09 miles

Time:  1:01:07

Avg pace:  8:37 min/mile

Calories:  846

Elevation gain:  279ft (insignificant)

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife: 1 squirrel, 17 (yes, seventeen) rabbits 

training run #1303

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Friday 7 July, 07:00

16C – 20C, fairly warm and some sunshine.  A 17.4 mile run along the route of the Exterminator race, to check the route I’ve plotted and see how it feels.  

today’s route

Managed to navigate almost all of it without reference to phone or watch, it seemed familiar from the recce runs I’ve done this week.  About 10.5 miles in a triple whammy; phone died as I tried to check a turning; turned left ankle but no damage; full sunshine started and it got very hot.  Took a wrong turn between CP8 and CP9, wasted a few hundred yards/ 5 minutes wandering. 

Drank 1 litre of water and 2 gels.  Could have done with more water, will consider using a bladder for these longer summer runs instead of just relying on the Salomon collapsible bottles.  

Right heel hurt a bit in the second half.  Had a niggle in right knee, most notable when climbing after CP8 Grindleford.  Both feet hurt a bit.  Lower left back niggled a bit due to the descents I think.  Might be easier to say what wasn’t aching or hurting!  

Tired a lot, but got a surprising boost of energy when I realised I could finish in under 4 hours and decided to push on.  In race conditions, with adrenaline and more urgency to push on I can knock time off.  Overall, this felt like I’d run a marathon, it was that tough with the climbing and heat.

Need to check if there’s a better route just before CP3, going round Higger Tor instead of climbing over it.  Did find a (new to me) steep ‘short-cut’ between CP1 and CP2 🙂

Distance:  17.38 miles

Time:  3:57:50

Avg pace:  13:12 min/mile

Calories:  2038

Elevation gain:  3454ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia