training run #1472

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Saturday 11 August, 07:30

About 14C, sunny and getting warmer, a good breeze blowing. Picked a 13 mile out and back route along the border and taking in a chunk of forest. Inevitably the fencing changed my route, but I enjoyed it. Finished strong.

Lollipop route
This made me laugh

Distance: 13.05 miles

Time: 2:17:35

Avg pace: 10:21 min/mile

Calories: 1513

Ascent: 321ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

training run #1471

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Friday 10 August, 07:24

13C, cool, breezy. Ran north along the Dutch/ German border then returned along the forest trails. First run in a new pair of Brooks Cascadia. Lovely weather for running and stopped here and there for photos and to respond to messages from Emma.

Along the border
Returning through the forest
New pair of Brooks Cascadia 13

Distance: 7.28 miles

Time: 1:13:49

Calories: 838

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

training run #1470

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Thursday 9 August, 08:15

17C, breezy with some cloud cover. Nicer weather for running in. Did 7 miles in some woods near where I’m staying. The area is cross-crossed with cycle trails and paths.

Followed a stream for a short distance until I came to some fencing. Pushed on through some woodland off-trail and found my way again.

Felt good running today, think it was the incredible heat on Tuesday that knocked me for six.

Distance: 7.1 miles

Time: 1:12:55

Avg pace: 9:58 min/mile

Calories: 806

Ascent: 291ft (yes, even in Holland)

Trainers: inov-8 Parkclaw 275

Wildlife: 4 cows, 1 rabbit/hare

training run #1469

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Tuesday 7 August, 09:30

Got up hours later than planned but got my run gear on and headed off to a forest very nearby. Temp 24C. Carried one bottle of water, thought I’d do 8-9 miles in 90 minutes.

Followed GPS on phone and the outward 4 miles were fine. Nice undulating forest tracks.

Half a mile into my return I started to encounter a high fence, had to double back and ended up heading further away from where I started. It added distance and time, wasn’t worried but knew I was short of water. Did a run/walk to keep me going forward.

Temp at the end was 32C. Very hot for me but glad I did it. Serves me right for not starting earlier when it was a few degrees lower.

Distance: 11.36 miles

Time: 2:23:35

Avg pace: 11:48 min/mile

Calories: 1290

Ascent: 409ft

Trainers: inov-8 Parkclaw 275