Dark and White events Bakewell trail race

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Sunday 25 March, 08:40

3C rising to 8C, cool, sunny. A 10 mile trail race with 1000ft/300m of climbing. The ground was still muddy and sodden from the rain and snow of recent weeks.

Sunrise at Bakewell, view from race registration

Pic: sunrise at Bakewell, view from race registration

Right hamstring was a bit stiff from the start, but heel was fine 🙂 Flat for the first km then started climbing. Passed a few runners uphill and walked the very steepest bits.

Descending off Chatsworth Estate there was a long gradual slope with a few twists and turns. Loved it, I powered down and left some runners behind. Missed one sign and went 100ft off route, laughed about it and carried on.

In the last couple of miles I was feeling great and had plenty left to push to the finish across boggy ground.

Ideal running weather, bright sun and no wind. Great organisation and I think I did ok.

Felt hamstring again later, and I also foam rollered right calf which had a few tight spots.

Distance: 10.14 miles

Time: 1:33:36

Avg HR: 141bpm

Avg pace: 9:14 min/mile

Calories: 954

Ascent: 1083ft

Trainers: inov -8 x-claw 275

Race position: overall 52/154 and in age category 7/18

training run #1377

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Wednesday 1 November, 08:01

10C, cool, bright and breezy.  A 4 mile run.  Last run before departing UK for the marathon. Right hamstring still a bit stiff; more rollering later.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  36:44

Avg pace:  8:45 min/mile

Calories:  472

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin 

training run #1376

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Tuesday 31 October, 06:55

8C, cold, overcast. A 4 mile run, tried to keep pace slow.  Noticed right hamstring was tight and it carried on all day.  Put it down to the taper and will foam roller this evening.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  37:11

Avg pace:  8:52 min/mile

Calories:  473

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin 

Wildlife:  1 squirrel, 2 rabbits