training run #1303

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Friday 7 July, 07:00

16C – 20C, fairly warm and some sunshine.  A 17.4 mile run along the route of the Exterminator race, to check the route I’ve plotted and see how it feels.  

today’s route

Managed to navigate almost all of it without reference to phone or watch, it seemed familiar from the recce runs I’ve done this week.  About 10.5 miles in a triple whammy; phone died as I tried to check a turning; turned left ankle but no damage; full sunshine started and it got very hot.  Took a wrong turn between CP8 and CP9, wasted a few hundred yards/ 5 minutes wandering. 

Drank 1 litre of water and 2 gels.  Could have done with more water, will consider using a bladder for these longer summer runs instead of just relying on the Salomon collapsible bottles.  

Right heel hurt a bit in the second half.  Had a niggle in right knee, most notable when climbing after CP8 Grindleford.  Both feet hurt a bit.  Lower left back niggled a bit due to the descents I think.  Might be easier to say what wasn’t aching or hurting!  

Tired a lot, but got a surprising boost of energy when I realised I could finish in under 4 hours and decided to push on.  In race conditions, with adrenaline and more urgency to push on I can knock time off.  Overall, this felt like I’d run a marathon, it was that tough with the climbing and heat.

Need to check if there’s a better route just before CP3, going round Higger Tor instead of climbing over it.  Did find a (new to me) steep ‘short-cut’ between CP1 and CP2 🙂

Distance:  17.38 miles

Time:  3:57:50

Avg pace:  13:12 min/mile

Calories:  2038

Elevation gain:  3454ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia


training run #1280

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Bank Holiday Monday 29 May, 07:05

12C, cool, misty and drizzly.  A 6 mile run, aiming to learn about the Blacka Moor route ahead of the race on 20/6.  Started on Penny Lane and headed along the route, uphill of course.  Found the second hill a bit steep, and got my turning wrong.  Ended up going anti-clockwise around the loop rather than clockwise.  At least I’ve seen the route now though.  This meant I did the long and very steep downhill as a strong walk uphill, and given the damp weather I probably avoided breaking my neck doing it this way round. 

On Totley Moor I could see a turn on my map/phone but it took me a few mins to find it in the low cloud. Yikes, lost on the moors!

It’s easy to lose your bearings with no landmarks!

Enjoyed the run and even in the misty murk parts of it were familiar from the Totley Moor race.  Will have a go sometime running it clockwise, so I’m ready for the race.  A couple of good hill workouts in this run.

Distance:  6.14 miles

Time:  1:16:25

Avg HR:  132bpm

Avg pace:  12:26 min/mile

Calories:  813

Elevation gain:  1260ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Totley Moor fell race, 23 May 2017

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19C, warm and breezy.  The 6.3 mile race set off at 19:30.  I knew it would be more hilly than Tigers Todger but wasn’t expecting the first 2 miles to be all uphill.  Felt ok, though legs were still feeling the effect of Sunday’s 16-miler.  Learning from the first race of this series, I placed myself about two-thirds back in the starting pen.  Crept past a few runners on the first mile, then as the gradient eased a little I took a couple more.  Across the top of the Moor was undulating and like running between the crags, then another winding and narrow climb before the first of several steep downhill sections.  

After 4 miles a downhill section really troubled me because my legs were spent.  Let a couple of runners get past on a narrow bit, and had to walk the steep uphills (like most of the runners around me at those points). Finally a long steep descent back to the sports ground.  I took one runner on the last road stretch and chased another runner around the field but didn’t pass them.  Finished shattered with empty legs but happy.  

Really pleased with my effort and found out later that I was 164th out of 269 runners.  Had a couple of drinks and went off to pick up the wife from a gig (in London!).  Legs didn’t stiffen up during the long drive, surprisingly, and just had a bit of a back niggle.  The following day I can tell my abdominal / waist /core has been tested and think it’s been a useful exercise.  Plan to train more on hills so I’m better prepared for future races and keep developing those muscle groups.

Another benefit of fell running seems to be that painful legs and burning lungs distract you from any foot niggles.  I didn’t notice any foot pain at all throughout the race, or after.

Distance:  6.3 miles (official); 6.52 miles Fitbit

Time:  1:06:04 (official);  1:06:08 Fitbit

Avg HR:  147bpm

Avg pace:  10:08 min/mile

Calories:  800

Elevation gain:  1361ft (official);  1525ft Fitbit

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1268

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Sunday 30 April, 06:50

6C, cold, windy, bright. A 9 mile run from Fox House down along Curbar Edge and Froggatt.  Was thinking of just wearing a t-shirt at 6C, but stepping out of the car it was freezing so swapped for a long sleeved top and Salomon jacket!  Good call.

I’d found an 11 mile run on OS Maps and cropped a bit off the far end and expected it to be around 10 miles.  There were stunning views running along Curbar, with a sheer drop down to Grindleford and the valley.  

Had a gel around miles 3 and 6, drank 500ml water.  Mobile battery died at 5.5 miles but the route back to the car was really straightforward (unlike the outward route, a bit more fiddly).  Losing the phone meant I could not snap a pic of a herd of deer at 6 miles, half ran off and half stood in a field watching me, around 15 of them in all.

Noticed right foot on and off but no dramas.  Enjoyed this route, will be running it again soon. And I’m feeling prepared for the midweek race as I know I’ll manage less than 6 miles ok.

Distance:  9.15 miles

Time:  1:50:22

Avg HR:  135bpm

Avg pace:  12:03

Calories:  1214

Elevation gain:  1332ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  15 deer

training run #1265

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Sunday 23 April, 06:52

3C, cold and sunny. A 6 mile run over the crags at Fox House. Ideal conditions today. Saw a cyclist and three other runners, so didn’t have it all to myself. Followed the same 6 mile route as Friday, but without wandering off track. 

Saw one flock of sheep on the climb up a crag, and a few more on the very top.

Felt right foot in the last mile or so. Drank 500ml water. Didn’t pause Fitbit at all, so no danger of forgetting to restart it.

Distance:  5.91 miles

Time:  1:16:49

Avg HR:  129bpm

Avg pace:  12:59 min/mile

Calories:  790

Elevation gain:  945ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  sheep, a rabbit and a squirrel

training run #1264

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Friday 21 April, 06:53

7C, cold, windy and overcast. A 6 mile trail run.  Went out along Burbage Edge again but did a bigger return loop.  

I’d paused the Fitbit and forgot to restart it (see map), and at that part of the run I veered off course and had to backtrack. I estimate a mile is missing off the Fitbit.  

I can see its sometimes more appropriate to measure trail running by time, and I finished at 08:21. So that’s a 1hr 28 run.  Fitbit showed 954ft of elevation gain, and with the missing mile it’ll be way over 1,000ft.  Enjoyed this.

Time:  1:28:00

Distance:  6 miles (estimated)

Avg HR:  135bpm

Avg pace:  12:42 min/mile (Fitbit as measured)

Calories:  850 (estimated)

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1262

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Saturday 15 April, 07:01

A 4 mile run including 1 hill loop. Seem to have missed blogging this run. It was the first with new Brooks Cascadia trail trainers. They felt OK but still noticed a bit of right foot soreness.

Distance:  4.07 miles

Time:  37:54

Avg HR:  141bpm

Avg pace:  9:18 min/mile

Calories:  442

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia