Kiveton Fisheries Weds 06/08/08

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First session at Kiveton Fisheries. Arrived 3pm ish, nice weather – bright, getting sunny spells, hardly a breeze. Chose peg 58 on the lower pond. Fished pinkies with a closed-end feeder, simple rig. Caught a fish (roach) first cast, but didn’t get a pic of it. Started taking pics of the others, to keep track and help identification(?), as keepnets not allowed. Total of 8 small fish.

Decided to shorten the line to the feeder so the hookbait stood out lower down. Think this helped.

Fished till 7.30ish. Decided to stop when my end tackle flew off into the distance as I tried casting out into the middle – had been fishing near-in all the time.

Had trouble with some of the knots coming undone. Lost two fish that dropped off right at the end – one while I tried to get the camera ready! Also learning when to strike – lots of nibbles – liked feeling the bumps and line bites, but pulled in the rig far too often other times my bait had been nibbled before I decided to reel in.

A very enjoyable session.