training run #762

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Tuesday 25 March, 05:32

7C, light rain, overcast. The plan called for a 60 minute run with intervals – 2x1600m with 400m recovery. Followed the same route as yesterday from hotel to Battersea Park and my legs were a little tired. Garmin seemed to be playing up showing slow/odd pace at times. Could have been tree cover affecting GPS, but I put it down to eating a whole Dominos large Texas BBQ pizza the previous evening. Decided to do the intervals as I reached the park – fewer people in my way, wider and straighter paths. The first one seemed a bit hard to achieve the required pace, the second I easily exceeded it. Perhaps my legs were just loosening up as I went along. Enjoyed the run in spite of the rain.

Distance: 10.49km (6.5 miles)
Time: 1:00:45
Avg HR: 140bpm
Avg pace: 5:47 min/km
Calories: 745
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training run #761

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Monday 24 March, 18:09

9C, overcast, mild. Working in London so went for a 60 minute run from hotel (Jury’s Inn Chelsea) to Battersea Park and back. Lots of pavement running, dodging pedestrians and traffic. Legs felt good, plenty of bounce. Noticed a couple of tender spots on the soles of my feet – just the effect of yesterday’s long run.

Distance: 10.69km (6.6 miles)
Time: 1:02:22
Avg HR: 146bpm
Avg pace: 5:50 min/km
Calories: 738
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training run #681

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Sunday 10 November, 07:20

Cold and sunny, clear blue skies. Went for a 4 mile run in Battersea, running from the hotel and doing a lap of Battersea Park. Tried to run easy and focus on picking landmarks so I can find my way back! Great weather for running, and part of the loop of the park was running alongside the Thames (but into a chilly headwind). No niggles and felt great.

Distance: 6.45km
Time: 35:25
Avg HR: 144bpm
Avg pace: 5:29 min/km
Calories: 437

training run #447

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Tuesday 26 June, 19:04

Hot, 20C but overcast with a breeze.

Didn’t manage to run in Ireland over the last week due to the disruption of travel, queuing and the weather. But you might count dragging luggage all over and standing up in a queue for a full 24 hours a form of cross-training 😉

Working in London today and staying overnight, so fitted in a run after work. Ran from hotel to Hyde Park, one long loop of the park, and back to hotel. Loop was about 6km, total 11.8km, 7 miles.

Drank 500ml water. The heat and my dehydration kept my HR high, but felt great to get a run in.

Distance: 11.8km
Time: 1:08:24
Avg HR: 161bpm
Avg pace: 5:48 min/km
Calories: 771

training run #424

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Wednesday 11 April, 06:02

Cold, 3C with clear skies. Stayed overnight in London for work (Radisson Grafton, Tottenham Court Road), so went for a run around Regents Park. Did 2 laps of the road that circles round the park, and found it was 4.3km per lap. The usual calf niggles, but gradually picked up the pace. A nice easy run, and watched the sun rise over London. Total for the run was 6.5 miles.

Distance: 10.48km
Time: 1:00:03
Avg HR: 141bpm
Avg pace: 5:44 min/km
Calories: 746

training run #400

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Wednesday 29 February, 05:40

Mild 10C, dry. Stayed overnight in London for work so mapped a route taking in the nearest big park. That was Regents Park, about 4km from the hotel and just over 4km to circumnavigate via the road/path that circles it. Kept it fairly easy and had to stop at some junctions due to traffic. Right calf was only a minor niggle at the start, and quickly wore off. Pleased that I could retrace the outward route without getting lost 🙂 A good run for this landmark of 400 runs since I first took up running. I re-read run #1 a few days ago, dated March 2009. I’m sure when I started I never thought I’d reach 400, and now I’m there I guess I’d better press on to reach 500!

Distance: 12.64km
Time: 1:13:26
Avg HR: 140bpm
Avg pace: 5:49 min/km
Calories: 846