physio 30 May

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Pleased with progress of my Achilles rehab and physio wants to keep my running time slowly increasing. Over the next two weeks I should build up to 60 minutes running. Running on alternate days and keep doing cross training in gym and doing heel lifts.

physio 19 May

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Physio was pleased with recovery. Swelling and soreness has gone from Achilles. Ready for testing with light jogging. Was prescribed:

  • Thurs easy jog 3x 1 minute with walking in between
  • Fri gym session, try heel lifts with weights in hands
  • Sat easy jog 3x 2 minutes with walking in between
  • Sun a walk in the countryside
  • Mon easy jog 3x 3 minutes with walking in between
  • Keep doing the heel lifts single leg on floor only

physio 9 May

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Second appointment, this time with the senior physio. Changed approach a bit. Focusing on calming down the sore heel as a priority.

  • Icing
  • Ibuprofen gel (for 2-3 days only)
  • More resting, watch for overdoing standing and walking (less standing at desk)
  • Use silicone heel cups in shoes/trainers
  • Keep rollering calves and stretching hamstrings
  • Changed 3×30 heel drops on a step to 6x heel raises both feet together on flat surface, repeated ‘little and often’ throughout the day
  • 3x gym sessions per week to cross train – rowing, cycle, weights machines etc

Seems like a gentler approach to get heel in recovery before building back up. Physio said Windermere marathon on 20 May would be too big a risk, very likely to set me back. But very confident of me being fit and ready for the 55k trail ultra in July. Got to look at the big picture.

While being assessed my treatment notes blew out the open window, out onto the busy road. Physio ran out and caught them 🙂

physio 4 May

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First time at this physio. Gave an account of how the problem arose, info on my running etc. It’s clear the problem is where my Achilles joins the bone. Lots of tissue massage. Stiffness right up through my right leg.

Been told to do:

  • 3×30 heel drops on a step per leg every other day. After each set stretch out by letting heel stay dropped over the edge of the step.
  • Daily do a foam roller session. Go very slowly up and down each calf, work out the knots.
  • Daily use a resistance band and stretch hamstrings, hold for a minute each time.
  • Suggested doing yoga to improve flexibility

So, warm up with roller and resistance band then every other day do the step heel drops.

Next appointment Wednesday 9 May.

The physio is also is a twin and is an expert trail runner, off to do some trail championships next week.

Explained about my marathon in 2 weeks. Initially the physio took my hint it was a non-starter. But then I explained because Jeff and I are both challenged by injury and less than ideal preparation we’d be taking it very easy indeed and walking a lot; the physio said maybe, let’s see… 🙂


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12 April

A follow up appointment.  Foot seems to be healing slowly. Some days I hardly notice it, other times it niggles on and off. 

Physio still reckons its a sore bone, 3rd metatarsal joint and that I’m lucky to have sought treatment and recovery to avoid it progressing to a stress fracture.

After a bit of ultrasound and prodding (massage) was advised to maintain reduced mileage on grass to allow full healing. Should see good improvement or full recovery in 3-4 weeks or revisit physio.

Progress seems slow to me but I guess with the weather improving, next race approaching etc any runner would be impatient.


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Wednesday 15 March

After a few days of 

  • foam rollering,
  • stretching more thoroughly than usual
  • rolling an ice water bottle underfoot, and
  • rolling foot on a tennis ball at work

a lot of the soreness and stiffness in my foot had eased. But I still felt some discomfort so visited the physio for a sports massage on my calves/feet.

He pinpointed the remaining focus of soreness at the joint of my third metatarsal.  Seems unlikely to be plantar fasciitis as I’d thought. Can’t diagnose it specifically in a massage but could be a stress fracture, for example.  

Discussing my marathon in 2.5 weeks, I was advised to try taping cotton wool in the location to soften the impact; run on softer surfaces where possible.

I’m pleased that general soreness and stiffness has eased and now have to monitor this injury/pain.

physio 21 July

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Got the all clear from the physio to gradually step up training, build in more variation into my running.  Need to keep doing the conditioning exercises of course but I won’t include them in my running updates from now on. They’ll just be part of my warm up and cool down routines. My Achilles isn’t flaring up, sometimes very minor niggles but nothing to affect my running style and they should fade away over time.  My hip feels more flexible after these conditioning exercises and the physio can feel the difference in the pelvis joint he’s been focusing on.  No more appointments needed.

Better start looking for my next race then 🙂 Maybe an autumn half followed by the full distance in the Spring…?