Notts 20 race

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Sunday 17 March, 09:01

The first running of this event. Planned to use it as a long slow training run for Paris. As usual, once the runners spread out I managed to set a faster than I’d intended pace.

I got wet feet in massive puddles in the first mile. Ran with Anthony from Mansfield for a few miles early on. Scott was running a much faster race ahead of me. Rachael was supporter and photographer, for many of the competitors.

A windy day with the odd shower. A lot of sunshine too. The course had flat sections, a couple of hills in the first half. Everyone seemed to measure it as 19.9 miles not 20.

Had 4 gels, bit of water from some water points.

I enjoyed it, did much better than I could have expected. A good confidence builder for Paris.

Distance: official 20 miles; Suunto 19.9 miles

Time: official 2:46:32; Suunto 2:46:44

Avg pace: 8:22 min/mile

Calories: 2279

Ascent: 393ft

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10

Grindleford Gallop

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Saturday 9 March, 10:03

Wanted to treat this race as a long slow training run for Paris.

The weather was mixed – between rain, hail and gale force wind! Tiny bit of sun peeped through towards the end.

I remembered sections of the route as they came up, from last year. Was following everyone else not map reading.

Ground was muddy, boggy in parts. I tired about 14 miles then got going again. Tripped on Froggatt Edge while gazing at a spectacular rainbow above Grindleford. Caught my fall, didn’t go splat.

Felt good at the finish, much better than last year. And faster too.

Distance: 21.2 miles

Time: Suunto 3:50:34 awaiting official time

Avg pace: 10:51 min/mile

Calories: 2306

Ascent: 2948ft

Trainers: inov8 x-claw 275

Bakewell parkrun

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Saturday 9 February, 09:01

VR meet-up to celebrate Karen and Caroline running their 50th parkruns. Rain at the start died away but strong wind persisted.

Ran easy with Jo.

Total distance including WU and WD: 4.3 miles

Official parkrun (5k) time: 29:28

Montane Grizedale half marathon

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Sunday 3 February, 08:30

Left home at 03:40 to drive the three hours to this race. On arrival it was -4C and dark. Picked up bib and tshirt and went back to car for breakfast.

Bumped into Tom on the way to the start, I ran a lot of the L50 recce in January with him. He was doing the full 26.2.

Ran with Tom easy pace and he kept the chat going. It was forest trails and not too difficult. Near the start an icy stretch was dicey, one runner fell spectacularly.

I really wasn’t being tested running at the pace Tom needed but there was stunning scenery to enjoy.

I definitely started my watch on the start but 5 miles in I realised it wasn’t tracking.

I’d intended this as an easy long run to familiarise myself with this area; job done.

Distance: 13.1 miles

Time: 2:33:53

Pace: 11:45 min/mile

Mansfield parkrun

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Saturday 12 January, 09:05

After the first few hundred metres I sped up and pushed hard. Enjoyed this run.

Volunteered after, sorting finish tokens.

Distance: 5k

Time: official 22:51, Suunto 22:53

Mansfield parkrun

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Saturday 5 January, 09:04

Ran steady, zone 2 heart rate.

Distance: 5k

Time: 29:40

Poolsbrook parkrun

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Tuesday 1 January, 10:41

Second parkrun of the day. Ran easy with Rachael and Scott. Narrow paths and over 600 attendees meant being patient. Loved it.

The VRs that ran at Graves we’re joined by VRs who’d done the early Clumber parkrun.

Distance: 5k

Time: 31:34

Graves parkrun

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Tuesday 1 January, 09:10

First parkrun of the day. Went for it from the start and got a PB on this course, and was a full ten minutes faster than Saturdays run.

Distance: 5k

Time: 23:01

Then got in the car and drove to Poolsbrook…

Gerald Story Memorial Fun Run, Worksop

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Sunday 30 December, 11:00

Decided to do this run rather than a fell race in north Sheffield. Ran with Rachael, Scott (both VRs) and Mandy. Took it steady enjoying the undulating course through forested scenery. A mix of tarmac and trail.

Distance: 4.91 miles

Time: 47:32 official

Graves Park parkrun

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Saturday 29 December, 09:09

A couple of VRs coaxed me to get up and do this parkrun. My head wasn’t in it.

Did lots of warm up, ran very slow, and a long cool down. Nearly missed the VR photo.

My slowest parkrun to date.

Distance: 5k

Time: 33:03