training run #1229

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Sunday 12 February, 06:29

1C, dark, cold, wintry showers. A 20 mile run.  Legs felt good and it seemed like I maintained a good pace/effort throughout. Had 4 gels and 1 litre of water. Was soaked through by the time I reached Harthill (12km) and was running into a stiff headwind with icy snow hurting my eyes.

Finished feeling relatively OK. Was keeping a good pace in the last few km and could have carried on a bit further. (Can’t always say that after a 20-miler!)

Fitbit screencap

Distance:  32.22km
Time:  3:05:27 (could only find one faster 20 miler, back in 2013)

Avg HR:  143 (seems low)

Avg pace:  5:45 min/km

Calories:  2097

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training run #1208

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Friday 13 January, 06:28

3C, snowing, dark, cold, windy. A 7 mile run. I saw snow starting to fall in the streetlamps as I left the house. It got worse gradually throughout the run but wasn’t settling on the floor.  But worst was the strong winds. Just got on with the run and pleased to get it in. By the finish my tshirt and lightweight jacket were soaked through and plastered to my chest. 

Distance:  11.45km

Time:  1:05:36

Avg HR:  146bpm

Avg pace:  5:43 min/km

Calories:  756

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training run #1022

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Sunday 17 January, 08:00

-1C, bright with cloud cover, cold.  A coating of snow and ice.  Went for a 13 mile run and just wrapped up and took it steady to get around safely. Lovely scenes with snow on trees and hedges (and everything), and just paced myself. Had 2 gels. Nice to get back to this distance after my Achilles trouble. 12 weeks to Manchester marathon and 42 weeks to NYC.

Distance:  21.21km

Time:  2:08:58

Avg HR:  144bpm

Avg pace:  6:05 min/km

Calories:  1468

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training run #929

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Thursday 26 March, 06:27

3C, cold, snow/sleet.  Thought it was raining but as I stepped outside the front door for this 7 mile run I saw it was snowing! Wore hat and gloves but my wet legs got frozen with a cold headwind on the nearside of RV.  So cold I didn’t notice any niggles 🙂  The snow/sleet eased off on the second lap and I washed off a thick layer of grime in the shower.

Distance:  11.51km

Time:  1:04:43

Avg HR:  145bpm

Avg pace:  5:37 min/km

Calories:  849

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training run #901

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Tuesday 3 February, 08:50

1C, cold, snowy, windy. Off work this week so got out for my 7 mile run after sunrise, for a change. Wrapped up well and headed out with a few snowflakes falling. By the time I got to the far side of RV I was running into a freezing headwind and heavy snow shower, couldn’t see anything. Frozen patches on the path and parts of the lakes were frozen over. Second lap the snowfall stopped, sun came out. Calves were a bit tight but no heel niggles. My fastest 7 miler for a while.

Distance: 11.58km
Time: 1:06:03
Avg HR: 148bpm
Avg pace: 5:42 min/km
Calories: 828
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training run #894

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Wednesday 21 January, 06:38

3C, cold and overcast. Overnight snowfall presented me with 1-2 inches of wet, slushy snow, and as I got up a bit late I decided to do just one lap, 4 miles. It was heavy going and the time/pace stats are meaningless. But I felt good for getting it done and beating the weather all the same. So more of a psychological win than a great training session.

Distance: 6.81km
Time: 43:37
Avg HR: 141bpm
Avg pace: 6:24 min/km
Calories: 543
White trainers (still drying out)

training run #884

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Tuesday 30 December, 08:29

-2C, clear blue sky and a chill breeze. Managed a 7 mile run today, the longest since my injury back in October. Set out planning to judge the condition of the paths and my back/glutes to determine how far to run. The route was covered in lots of ice and compacted snow, but I didn’t slip or fall. Felt strong and in parts noticed I had a great toe-off spring, so did two full laps. Another stunning sunrise and a really enjoyable and encouraging run. Nice to be back at the 7 mile distance, which has long been my usual weekday run distance.

Distance: 11.52km
Time: 1:06:26
Avg HR: no data
Avg pace: 5:46 min/km
Calories: 998
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