weigh-in 15 Oct

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10st 7 lb


One pound lighter than last weigh-in.

weigh-in 12 August

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10st 9lb


Lost about 2lb since last weigh-in six weeks ago.

weigh-in 29 July 2017

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10st 11lb / 68.6kg

Lost 2 pounds since last weigh-in in June. Not all about weight though, definitely got abs and core activating more and feel more agile when running. Have cut out snacking on sweets and rarely have sugar in tea/coffee nowadays.


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Saturday 3 June

10st 13lb  /  69.7kg

While not a target, nice to break through the 11 stone level.  


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Saturday 29 April

11st 1lb


Lost another 2lb over 2 weeks. Think its down to eating better food and avoiding snacking on rubbish.


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Friday 14 April

11st 3lb


Lost 5 pounds since last weigh in on 4 March. Have been eating better but didn’t expect a loss with my running mileage quite low due to injury.

weigh-in 4 March 2017

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Thought I’d get on the scales as I’m in peak mileage for the marathon in April.

11st 8lb


weigh-in 17/10/16

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Thought I’d take a measurement as I begin my marathon taper. 

11st 9lb / 74.1kg


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Saturday 3 September

11 stone 10 pounds or 74.6kg

Another small drop of 3 pounds / 1.4kg since 6 August. 


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Saturday 6 August

11 stone 13 pounds or 76kg

A small drop of 3 pounds / 1.5kg compared to early June.