weigh-in 17/10/16

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Thought I’d take a measurement as I begin my marathon taper. 

11st 9lb / 74.1kg


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Saturday 3 September

11 stone 10 pounds or 74.6kg

Another small drop of 3 pounds / 1.4kg since 6 August. 


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Saturday 6 August

11 stone 13 pounds or 76kg

A small drop of 3 pounds / 1.5kg compared to early June.


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Saturday 4 June

Thought I’d see what I weigh nowadays, not something I check often.

12 stone 2 pounds or 77.5kg

Think if I can cut out or reduce consumption of sweets, chocolate and biscuits I might be able to lose a few pounds and make the New York marathon a bit easier on myself. Will try to be good for a few weeks….

results from the doctors

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Went to get results from my blood test, an annual review while I’m on simvastatin long term (possibly forever).  Doctor was pleased with the scores.

Liver function OK – bilirubin level 22 (normal expected level up to 21)

Overall cholesterol level 3.9

Didn’t catch the blood pressure score but doc said it was fine.  And I’d had a row with Jacqui on way out to the docs so surprised it wasn’t raised a bit 😉

Good results and will see the doc in another 12 months.

Docs blood test

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Had a blood test Monday 10 January, got results Friday 17 January.

Liver function ‘normal’.

Cholesterol ‘borderline’ – 4.9

Decided to cut out almost all chocolate and pizzas, etc!  To see if I can improve and get nearer to 4.0.

(Doc didn’t leave a note when he wanted me to do another blood test)


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Saw doctors on 21 September for blood test results, an annual review.  Total cholesterol was 4.3, compared to 3.7 and 3.8 last times.  Bilirubin now 36, compared to 32, 32, 27 previous times.

As both are slightly raised from last time doc wants to check it’s not an upward trend so having another blood test in 3 months.  But nothing to be concerned about.  Just eat less pizza and chocolate etc to get cholesterol back on track 🙂

Doc again declined to fill in health form for overseas marathon (Rome), so going for plan B.