Grindleford Gallop

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Saturday 9 March, 10:03

Wanted to treat this race as a long slow training run for Paris.

The weather was mixed – between rain, hail and gale force wind! Tiny bit of sun peeped through towards the end.

I remembered sections of the route as they came up, from last year. Was following everyone else not map reading.

Ground was muddy, boggy in parts. I tired about 14 miles then got going again. Tripped on Froggatt Edge while gazing at a spectacular rainbow above Grindleford. Caught my fall, didn’t go splat.

Felt good at the finish, much better than last year. And faster too.

Distance: 21.2 miles

Time: Suunto 3:50:34 awaiting official time

Avg pace: 10:51 min/mile

Calories: 2306

Ascent: 2948ft

Trainers: inov8 x-claw 275

training session #1486

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Sunday 3 March, 09:32

17 mile long slow run. Ran the first 10 miles with Rachael, Mandy and Tina from Mansfield Woodhouse Pootlers. Tina struggled on the return, making a very slow pace. I did the next 7 miles solo running down the Vale, and the pace was a little faster. All good miles in zone 2, and time on my feet, for Paris marathon.

Weather was light rain showers and a cold wind.

Distance: 17.2 miles

Time: 3:06:29

Avg pace: 10:51 min/mile

Calories: 1996

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 12

training session #1485

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Saturday 2 March, 07:01

Easy pace run from Endcliffe Park to Oxstones and back, before parkrun. Ran with Karen and Caz. Brilliant. Stopped for photos here and there.

Distance: 8.08 miles

Time: 1:40:32

Avg pace: 12:26 min/mile

Calories: 925

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 12

Carsington Water 10k

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Sunday 24 February, 09:31

Lovely mild sunny weather, after driving through fog. Ran with Rachael and Mandy from Mansfield Woodhouse Pootlers. Very easy pace, an out and back route. Undulating.

L-R Emily (Stoke), Wayne, me, Rachael

Distance: official 10k, Suunto 6.27 miles

Time: official 1:01:11, Suunto 1:01:13

training session #1479

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Saturday 23 February, 07:18

Hill session at Hope, Derbyshire. Followed a route recommended by VR coach Mikk. From Cheshire Cheese pub on Edale Road to the top of Lose Hill.

It was cold and misty. The slopes were slippy and muddy. I’d have been better in my inov8 fell shoes. Sunny at the top of my first rep.

Went back down as far as the stile at Lose Hill Lane, then 2 more reps. Had to walk parts that were very steep and slippy but pleased to get three full reps done. A slight wind got going and made reps 2 and 3 shrouded in mist. Loved it though, I’ll be back.

Distance: 7.64 miles

Time: 2:04:26

Avg pace: 16:17 min/mile

Calories: 784

Ascent: 2864ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

training session #1478

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Friday 22 February, 16:10

An easy pace run before the sun goes down.

Distance: 4.15 miles

Time: 39:14

training session #1477

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Thursday 21 February, 06:06

Early start for a longish run. Looked at map and decided to run to Rother Valley. Thought it was 4 miles away so with a lap of RV I’d do 10-11 miles, but turns out it’s 5 miles away by the route I ran.

Found a few new paths/trails. Needed head torch for the outbound leg. Ran at comfortable pace, approx zone 2. Felt good.

Distance: 12.8 miles

Time: 2:06:51

Avg pace: 9:56 min/mile

Calories: 1464

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia 13

Sherwood Pines parkrun

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Saturday 16 February, 09:04

Vegan Runners from Sheffield, Nottingham and surrounds met up for this parkrun. Ran with Rachael. A lovely course with brilliant winter sunshine. Photos and coffee afterwards. At least 27 VRs present.

Distance: 5k

Official time: 30:12

training session #1464

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Sunday 10 February, 09:10

Easy pace run with Rachael. Mix of trail and tarmac. Drizzly weather, brightening up later.

Distance: 6.59 miles

Time: 1:13:38

Bakewell parkrun

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Saturday 9 February, 09:01

VR meet-up to celebrate Karen and Caroline running their 50th parkruns. Rain at the start died away but strong wind persisted.

Ran easy with Jo.

Total distance including WU and WD: 4.3 miles

Official parkrun (5k) time: 29:28