training run #1338

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Wednesday 6 September, 17:42

13C, cool, breezy. An 8 mile run commute.  My quads still had a bit of soreness but felt OK to do this run.  Didn’t push the pace, enjoyed the cooler weather and the hills.  Slight niggle on both heels at one point, and keeping a watch on slight left knee niggle. Drank 400ml water.

Distance:  7.71 miles

Time:  1:12:17

Avg pave:  9:18 min/mile

Calories:  890

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  2 squirrels


Work and home getting in the way of running

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I didn’t manage to fit in any runs last week, and so far this week it isn’t looking much better. That’s really strange for me, and the longest spell of non-running when I’ve been injury free.

Last week I was ‘running’ an exhibition stand at Edinburgh which took out Mon and Tues. Its a form of cross-training standing on your feet for 8-9 hours a day and doesn’t leave you with much left to do a decent run. Weds Thurs Fri Sat I was emptying two bedrooms, stripping wallpaper and removing skirting boards (as well as my usual work) in readiness for a plasterer.

Sunday I travelled to London to set up for the next exhibition which took place Mon and Tues (yesterday). Shattered after all that, I’m writing this on a train to Birmingham to be part of a site visit / advance party for a large conference we’re running middle of next week.

Tomorrow, Thurs, I’ve got a full day in London for work. I’ve rarely had so much back to back travel, and the long train trips don’t seem to work well with my knees. Or maybe they’re complaining because they want to go running 🙂

Just trying to be sensible and not overdo it, and at the moment its the running that’s having to give way to a couple of other things. Will get back on the training soon and build slowly.

training run #678

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Sunday 3 November, 08:34

Cool, 6C, sunny with showers. My first run since the Yorkshire Marathon. Took two weeks off to properly rest after training continuously for 12 months for Manchester and York. This was just an easy 4 mile run to find my legs and get them working again. Blustery showers on and off, and some big puddles to hurdle or tiptoe through. No niggles and a straightforward run. Probably should have gone a bit slower. Nearly wore my yellow jacket but decided to run in just a shirt and managed ok, not too cold. I’ll probably keep to easy runs for a week or two, then begin the Fink programme in preparation for London Marathon 2014.

Distance: 6.77km
Time: 36:30
Avg HR: 158bpm – seems high?
Avg pace: 5:23 min/km
Calories: 419

Fundraising link: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SteveGarner1

training run #290

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Wednesday 25 May, 06:43

Perfect conditions; sunny, slight breeze, 8C. Only had time for 1 lap of RV, tried to keep pace very easy for low HR. But legs felt heavy first km and HRM raced away at 166bpm from the off, belt probably not contacting skin properly. Rate improved as I went round and by the time I was finishing heart rate was 142bpm and legs felt good for another lap.

Distance: 4.74km
Time: 28:58
Avg HR: 150bpm
Avg pace: 6:08 min/km

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Had a tooth out Monday 14/2.  It had a vertical fracture and half of it was wobbling freely and painfully.  The Dentist said, “Hi, haven’t seen you since September 2006.”  Oooops.

Two needles and some vigorous application of pliers later and my tooth is in the bin.  My mouth and jaw are still very sore and swollen late Tuesday night.  Have decided to cancel the planned 8 mile run due today/tomorrow, and aim to do the 5 miler scheduled for Thursday.  Feeling unusually tired and weak, probably due to the anaesthetic.  Makes sense to skip a run in the circumstances.

The Dentist said he’d like my acquaintance in 3 months or so for a checkup….

Rome Marathon poster

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Just got a pic of the official poster…

maratona di roma poster

training run #163

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Tuesday 25 May, 18:43.

Cooler than past week, about 13C, overcast.  Did a long lap of RV round both lakes.  Aimed for a slow steady pace, and started out at 6 min/km pace but found that I speeded up with each km.  The last 0.8km I thought I was slowing a bit but actually went fastest.  A good run with no ITBFS.  Stretched afterwards.

Distance:  4.8km
Time:  28:05
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  5:51 min/km

Garmin:  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/34557609