training session #1504

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Saturday 30 March, 15:14

Decided to go for a walk in the lovely weather. Starting at Fox House I walked over the top along Burbage Edge, returning on the trail path below. Very easy stroll, took lots of photos and in no rush.

Distance: 4.51 miles

Time: 1:40:57

training session #1466

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Tuesday 12 February, 08:24

Walk commute to work with heavy backpack. Needed to run the last 1.5 miles, pushed hard.

Distance: 4.81 miles

Time: 1:06:57

training session #1463

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Saturday 9 February 10:30

Walked into Bakewell with Jo to amble round some shops.

Distance: 3 miles approx

Time: 1:40 approx

training session #1553

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Wednesday 30 January, 12:22

Lovely sunny cold day so went for a long stroll at lunchtime. Went from office up to and through Endcliffe Park, returning topside of Botanical Gardens and a visit to Tesco.

Distance: 4.77 miles

Time: 1:24:54

training session #1548

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Monday 28 January, 08:24

Walk commute to work. Heavy backpack and a bag of clothes for work locker. Lovely winter sun, cold headwind.

Distance: 4.73 miles

Time: 1:12:34

training session #1543

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Wednesday 23 January, 17:16

Walk home from train station. Watch paused itself halfway as I took my backpack off for something.

Would have been quicker on public transport but wanted to walk to get time on my feet. Did a good strong walking pace.

Distance: 4 miles approx

Time: 1:02:00

training run #1524

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Thursday 20 December, 08:00 and 17:24

Walk commute to and from work.


distance 4.74 miles

time 1:15:25


distance 3.89 miles

time 1:06:10