training run #1365

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Monday 9 October, 20:29

13C, cool, breezy. A 1 mile run for #RunEveryDay.  Round the block.

Distance:  1.16 miles


training run #1364

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Sunday 8 October, 07:32

10C, high cloud, cool, breezy. A 15 mile run at Ladybower. The plan called for a 13 mile long run, so mapped out a route around Derwent and Howden Reservoirs, 14 miles. It ended up being 15! Ideal running weather, wore t-shirt and shorts, and carried the usual light pack.

Set out early to get parked near my start point. Right from the beginning the scenery was impressive, could not resist pausing here and there to snap photos.

I found the route to be easy trail with some tarmac on the way out, a bit of stony path at the far end, and lots of tarmac on the return. The last couple of miles I saw a trail path below near the water’s edge but was stuck much higher up on tarmac. It was all runnable, nothing too steep or long. More pauses to eat flapjack, I enjoyed this run immensely. Will be returning for more laps and to try other routes.

Had a protein bar before running, 1 Chia Charge flapjack on the run, and 500ml water.

Distance: 15.1 miles

Time: 2:15:58

Avg pace: 8:45 min/mile

Calories: 1706

Ascent: 1465ft

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife: 3 squirrels, lots of sheep!

Footnote: After the run another runner chatted as I stretched off, mentioned good marathons in Enschede and Rotterdam…

training run #1363

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Saturday 7 October, 09:03

14C, cool, breezy.  Just a 1 mile run for #RunEveryDay.  Ran around the block after breakfast. No drama.

Distance:  1.15 miles

Time:  10:17

Avg pace:  8:54 min/mile

Calories:  132

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1362

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Friday 6 October, 06:39

7C, clear skies, flipping cold.  Wrapped up and did a 7 mile run.  The plan called for a moderate pace so I ran at a sort of comfortable-but-pushing-a-little pace.  

I noticed that my splits were getting faster as my legs got going, and steadied around 8 min/mile:

9:04 – 8:24 – 8:10 – 7:59 – 7:58 – 7:59 – 8:41

The weather was great for running, and the mist on the water, full moon  and eventually the sun rising was brilliant.  I love mornings like these.

Distance:  7.09 miles

Time:  59:12

Avg pace:  8:21 min/mile

Calories;  805

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  2 squirrels – one fixed to the spot in the middle of path and one diving into a rubbish bin for its breakfast

training run #1361

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Thursday 5 October, 18:38

11C, cold, windy, cloudy.  A 1 mile run for #RunEveryDay.  I’d done a 3 mile loop of RV doing a beginners run/walk/run with Emma and decided to tag on a mile run at the end so this day counted.  No dramas, used head torch to flash at traffic as it was beginning to turn dark.

Distance:  1.18 miles

Time:  10:51

Avg pace:  9:09 min/mile

Calories:  136

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1360

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Wednesday 4 October, 06:47

9C, cool, clouds threatening rain.  A 7 mile run, the plan asked for half marathon pace.

I’d found a pacing feature in the manual for my TomTom the night before.  Decided to try it out and set the min and max to 8:30 and 8:20 min/mile.  Thought I’d be able to do that OK.

At times the watch seemed to be wildly inaccurate while it tried to find the GPS satellite again, but I got the hang of it after the first few miles, and the actual result was fine.

Distance:  7.06 miles

Time:  59:41

Avg pace:  8:27 min/mile

Calories:  803

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  1 squirrel, 3 rabbits

training run #1359

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Tuesday 3 October, 06:42

9C, cool, some cloud.  The plan called for a 6 mile easy run.  Eased into this, with niggly heel.  Halfway through I really felt legs loosening up and the pace increased naturally mile by mile; 8:47; 8:34; 8:29; 8:17. 

Just two laps of the main lake. As I climbed the hill out of RV returning home the sunrise broke through the cloud and flooded the scene with orange light; brilliant.

Distance:  6:12 miles

Time:  53:01

Avg pace:  8:39 min/mile

Calories:  698

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin