training run #1458

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Sunday 17 June, 08:10

8 mile run on a trail in Derbyshire. Felt a bit unfit but enjoyed it. Limited stats without Fitbit:

Distance: 8.24 miles

Time: 1:19:48

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia


Day 5, Lake District

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Friday 15 June

Have to leave Ambleside, my time here is up. Enjoyed my few days here, and will definitely return. Got up earlier that I have been doing, showered and got another porridge breakfast. Just as I was folding the tent up a tiny few spots of rain came, not bad.

Would have liked to do more running on this trip but severely bad weather intervened.

Day 4, Lake District

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Thursday 14 June

Storm Hector caused heavy rain in the night and strong winds from 5am for a few hours. Saw a young fox at 6am on a trip to the toilets.

Managed to nod off after that for a couple of hours and got up at midday.

Drove to Kendal, then up to Keswick. Shops, coffee and food and beautiful scenery all around.

End of the day I took a stroll to Wray Castle and back.

That stroll counts as my exercise for the day, a couple of miles.

Day 3, Lake District

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Weds 13 June

A rest day, I got up late and took my time;

– sorting somewhere to camp Friday onwards

– responding to supportive messages from family

– making a double portion of porridge for breakfast

– reorganising stuff so my most important gear is in the car in case the tent is wiped out or flooded by Storm Hector tonight

– approaching a civil service organisation for a bit of advice/support

– visiting Hawkshead (no mobile signal and lots of Jap tourists) and Ambleside (nice coffee)

Sorry no photos today, forgot!

Day 2, Lake District / training run #1457

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Tuesday 12 June, 12:28

18C, started out sunny, clouded over.

Physio allowed me a 60 minute run today but I stretched it a bit to do a recce of part of the Ultimate Trails 55k Race route. Did 11 miles.

Starting in Ambleside not far from the actual start line, it was clearly all uphill at first. Did a run/walk. Went through the first mountain pass on the route, reached 5.5 miles and turned round. Used a bit of road then got on the trail path back to Ambleside, power walking the return to save my Achilles.

This was tough. Can see I’ve missed a lot of training with injury. Heel was ‘ok’, a bit tender so I’ll apply some gel. Brilliant scenery and good to get 3 hours on my feet.

The tarmac turned into rocky trail a bit further on
Someone left me a message on the road, near the top of the pass
Distance: 10.92 miles

Time: 2:48:54

Avg HR: 122bpm

Avg pace: 15:27 min/mile (some bits were steep!!)

Calories: 1427

Trainers: Brooks Cascadia

Day 1, Lake District

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Monday 11 June

Arrived in Ambleside, beautiful scenery. Pitched tent and had chips for tea.

Looked at map to see where the Ultimate Trails 55k runs near here and found it runs right past the chippy. Start and finish is in a small park behind this church.

Lovely place, first time I’ve been here.

training run #1456

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Sunday 10 June, 07:29

12C, overcast, cool. A 55 minute run prescribed by physio, 6.2 miles. Did one lap of main lake and one full lap of both lakes. Tried to run easy pace with good form. Slight calf stiffness on first lap, no heel pain.

Distance: 6.18 miles

Time: 55:25

Avg HR: 145bpm

Avg pace: 8:58 min/mile

Calories: 589

Trainers: Brooks Ghost 10