training run (#99)

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Saturday 19 September, 1.24pm.

Went for the long run after getting the medical certificate for Paris marathon signed.  Aimed to do just over 12 miles, steady/slow pace, based on 4 long laps of RV (3 miles per lap).  Below freezing but dry and little wind. Covered up and wore track suit bottoms for the first time. Carried 500ml in Camelbak and one gel – used both.

Home – RV: 6:42  avg HR 167bpm
Lap 1 (4.9km):  29:15  avg HR 152bpm
Lap 2 (4.9km):  30:34  avg HR 152bpm
Lap 3 (4.9km):  32:02  avg HR 154bpm
Lap 4 (4.9km):  32:54  avg HR 154bpm
Total distance (Nokia):  20.4km
Total time: 2:11:27
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:28 min/km

Slippery surfaces – including some large iced over puddles – made it difficult to run at speed and at times it felt like a slow jog.  Tip-toeing in parts and moving across the path to pick the best route made it more tiring than usual.  By lap 4 felt quite tired.

Pleased to get round, enjoyed the sunshine and another good distance covered.  Laps 2 and 3 felt a bit hot (overheating?) yet on lap 4 felt the breeze on parts of the lap and it felt a bit chilly.


Jacqui on GMTV 18 December 2009

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Jacqui with Westlife at GMTV

training run (#98)

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Thursday 17 December, 7:03am.

Freezing cold, well wrapped up. Planned to do a 4 mile road run at 10 min/mile pace.

Distance (Nokia):  7.5km
Time:  47:11
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:21 min/km

A good run, bit more than 4 miles but felt OK.

training run (#97)

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Tuesday 15 December, 8.15pm.

Yikes, a late evening run.  Due to an early start to get to Leeds for a long meeting, and the Girls Brigade Carol Service I didn’t get time until late for the run.  Followed a route that was (I thought) over 5 miles, and took a detour to add on a bit, but Nokia only measured it as 7.8km.  It missed part of the start so I’ve added 0.2km, but its still only 5 miles. (Will measure the route again another day).

Cold, 3C or less; hat n gloves time again.  Felt strong and fast despite it being a long tiring day.  The last km includes a long steepish incline and it felt great.

Time:  51:35
Distance:  8km (estimated)
Avg HR:  144bpm

A good run, in spite of it falling a bit short of the 6 mile target for the day.

training run (#96)

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Monday 14 December, 6:51am.

Cold (4C), continuous light rain.  Didn’t take the Nokia to avoid it getting soaked.  Orange coat, reflective waistcoat, hat n gloves.  Did a 4.6 mile / 7.4km road run to old Westfield and back.

Time:  47:14
Distance: 7.4km (based on last measured run same route)
Avg HR: 144bpm

Nearly 1.5 mins faster than previous best this route (was trying to get round and get out of the rain!), and only 3bpm higher avg HR.  Felt strong and fast, very easy run.  Enjoyable in spite of the weather.

training run (#95)

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Saturday 12 December, 8:46am.

Cold, 4C. Just wore orange coat, no hat/gloves. Great choice – no breeze so was just perfectly dressed and not cold or over hot.  Aimed to do 10 minute mile pace for 17.7km.  Set off from home and did 2 long laps of RV and 2 laps of main lake.  Carried 500ml water in Camelbak; drank about 350ml. Had one gel halfway through.

Lap 1 (home-RV and 5k lap):  36:21  avg HR 140bpm
Lap 2 (5k):  29:42  avg HR 139bpm
Lap 3 (4k):  23:45  avg HR 144bpm
Lap 4 (4k):  24:11  avg HR 142bpm
Total time:  1hr 53:58
Avg HR:  141bpm
Total distance:  18.8km (Nokia)
Avg pace:  6:05 min/km

Distance sounds fairly accurate – long lap is 4.9km and main lake is 4km, and add on the km from home – RV.

Felt slight stitch on lap 1, on lap 3 left hamstring stiffened a bit but both went off quickly.

Light shower end of lap 3 was nice. Felt comfortable round the gentle and short inclines of RV, after lots of road training on steeper and longer inclines.

Link to Nokia:

training run (#94)

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Thursday 10 December, 6.39pm.

Cold, about 1C. An evening road run, as I overslept in the morning. Wrapped up as usual. Aimed for a slow 4 miles / 6.4km.

Distance:  7.4km (Nokia – the same run Monday was 7.5km)
Time:  50:02 (was 48:41 on Monday)
Avg HR:  138bpm
Avg pace:  6:50 min/km

Felt slow and was slow. Felt fine, and after turning for home I got stronger and stronger.