training run #134

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Thursday 18 February, 20:46

A late evening run, was snowing all the way round.  Did a 4 mile loop towards Killamarsh, past tram terminus, old Westfield and back along Hartland Avenue.

Distance: 7.3km (7.1km plus from home to bus stop and back from a false start)
Time:  47:31
Avg HR:  134bpm

Ran really slow/steady, really enjoyed it despite the snow.  It was fine underfoot, just getting snow in the face. Probably a record low HR.


training run #133

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Tuesday 16 February, 18:46.

About 1C, wet paths/roads but not raining. Did a 7.3km loop to college, old Westfield and back along Hartland Road.  Felt strong, especially outward loop, and got a great rhythm on the uphill bit after college and other bits.

Distance (Nokia):  7.3km
Time: 45:01
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace (Nokia):  6:16 min/km

A good run.

Garmin: (shows one spike)

Nokia: (shows I missed out the Meadowgate roundabout from usual 5 mile loop)

training run #132

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Monday 15 February, 18:50.

About 3C, raining/showery, aimed for an easy 4 mile loop towards Killamarsh, up past tram terminus to old Westfield, back via Hartland Road.

Distance:  7.1km estimated
Time:  43:50
Avg HR:  141bpm

Felt strong and easy throughout.


training run #131

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Saturday 13 February, 10:59am.

About 4C, wore shorts no hat.  Carried and used 300ml water, and a gel.  Aimed for a steady run but HR seemed high throughout and pace was faster than I thought.

Loop 1 (6.5km):  40:21  avg HR: 155bpm
Loop 2 (6.4km):  37:06  avg HR: 152bpm
Total time:  1:17:27
Distance:  12.9km
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace:  6:02 min/km



training run #130

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Thursday 11 February, 6:28am.

Freezing cold, thermometer said 0C, felt like -3C.  Track bottoms and hat.  Aimed for a steady run, felt like a good rhythm most of the way round and surprised it was a very good 50 minute time.

Distance:  8km
Total time:  50:10
Avg HR:  140bpm

A good run.  Nice to see the dawn coming on the homeward part of an early morning run.

training run #129

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Tuesday 9 February, 18:32.

Cold, but no hat or track bottoms.  Did 3 mile loop and 5 mile loop. Tired in parts and at other times great rhythm and pace.

Loop 1 (5km):  32:41  avg HR:  139bpm
Loop 2 (7.9km):  50:05  avg HR:  141bpm
Distance:  12.9km
Total time:  1:22:46
Avg HR:  140bpm


training run #128

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Monday 8 February, 17:05.

An evening run as I had to get to Leeds first thing.  Very cold, so hat and track bottoms tonight.  Tired after lugging laptop around on trains, but aimed for a decent pace.  Felt very good on the last mile, got faster and good rhythm and thought I’d be able to push my PB time.

Distance:  8km
Time: 50:15
Avg HR:  142

Surprised at HR as I was sprinting the last part.  A good run.