training run #47

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Friday 7 August, 11.39am.

Phew! Hot and sunny.

Did my first 10k training run; 2x 5k laps of RV.  Aimed for a controlled HR, easy run as I move up in distance. Kept easing off and the 2nd lap was slower due to the heat, but felt OK.

Time 71.49.

Avg HR 143bpm; peak HR 151.  Was only over my 149bpm upper limit for 20 seconds – good.

4 weeks to BGYR.


Training run #46

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Wednesday 5 August, 7.01am.

Cloudy and trying to rain little, but a brightening morning.

Ran 9k (4k + 5k laps) and ran according to how I felt, just ‘braking’ or easing off when the watch beeped. This is different to my usual watching and adjusting to try to keep HR low all round. Was surprised that the HR graph was a lot more jagged compared to a smoother profile when constantly watching and easing off.

Avg HR 144bpm; peak HR 159bpm. It was only a spike, probably liked with an incline and blowing my nose! – nothing to be concered about.

Time 62.24.

Was nice running in spots of rain/drizzle for first lap, and felt fine at the finish. Blisters not as bad now, just minor irritation to right instep. Think the new socks are helping rather than making things worse.

Training run #45

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Monday 3 August, 9.34am.

A later start than I’d wanted; weather warm and breezy.

Did an easy 5k lap of both lakes, as a follow on to yesterday’s distance run. And because I won’t run again until Weds morning.

Time 33.58.

Avg HR 142bpm; peak HR 152. No problems.

Training run #44

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Sunday 2 August, 7.13am.

Sunny, cool to start with.

Did a 4k lap of main lake and a 5k lap of both lakes. Phone GPS says 8.96km, so it’s 9k…

Time 62.49.

Avg HR 145bpm, peak HR 152bpm. Not bad.

Felt fine and could have run further. Will do more 9k runs this week and step up to 10k next week, hopefully.

Wore different socks to try to get rid of blisters. These were 1000 mile trainer socks. Didn’t seem to cool my feet any better and still got (small) blisters around where I’ve already got them. Perhaps need to let them heal properly, or maybe try 1000 mile triathlon socks or even change trainers.

Training run #43

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Friday 31 July, 6.38am.

Nice cool sunny start to the day.

2 laps of main lake at RV; 8.1k.

Total time 53.36. two and a half minutes quicker than previous run (56.10).

Avg HR 141bpm; peak HR 151bpm. Slightly lower than previous run (142/152).

Time spent higher than ideal HR zone 1.07; much better than previous run (2.46).

I think the cool temp was helpful and helped me improve on the above measures, even though the previous run was another cool morning start.

36 days to BGYR; 5 weeks! On target.

Training run #42

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Tuesday 28 July, 7.03am.

Sunny, cool (to start with – felt warm later).

Did 2 laps of the main lake at RV = 8.1km. Tiring but OK.

Overall time 56.10. NST said this is 8.5km/h, or 7 mins/km.

NST link:

Managed HR well, due to coolish temperature. Avg HR 142bpm; peak HR 152bpm. Time spent over upper HR limit (over 149bpm) was only 2.46; very good.

Blister left foot hurt a bit; later realised I’d run a little differently to compensate, as I could feel the muscle/ankle tiredness.