training run #62

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Thursday 10 September, 8.34am.

A cool start but sunny, light breeze.

Aimed for a decent time. First lap I monitored HR and eased off to stay in zone, but after seeing a good lap time pressed on and didn’t bother too much about the HRM beep second lap.  Still had some in reserve at the end and was bouncing along up a long incline to the finish.

Went the opposite way round this time, clockwise.  All the previous 61 training sessions have been anti-clockwise, but as I’ll be mixing up the training a bit I thought I’d change direction too.

Lap 1:  28:44, avg HR 142bpm
Lap 2:  28:39, avg HR 150bpm
Total time 57:23, avg HR 146bpm

I set the Nokia Sports Tracker to do 1km laps to see what it does (see table below) showing avg pace 6:08/km.  NST measured the distance as only 9.43km.  Looking back at a run from a few weeks ago on NST I can see it’s got me running on part of the lake! So I think the pace could have actually been around 6min/km or less.

Lap time Total time Lap distance Avg.pace
Show whole workout
1. 6:15,25 6:15,25 1 km 6:15 / km
2. 6:03,83 12:19,9 1 km 6:04 / km
3. 6:08,25 18:27,34 1 km 6:08 / km
4. 6:09,73 24:37,7 1 km 6:10 / km
5. 6:07,70 30:44,78 1 km 6:08 / km
6. 6:05,81 36:50,59 1 km 6:06 / km
7. 6:07,80 42:58,40 1 km 6:08 / km
8. 6:07,87 49:06,26 1 km 6:08 / km
9. 6:02,83 55:09,11 1 km 6:03 / km
10. 2:43,69 57:52,80 0.4 km 6:19 / km

training run #61

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Tuesday 8 September, 6.49am.

Mild, breezy, overcast.

Aimed to do a gentle 8k to loosen up after the BGYR and to make a start preparing for the Cardiff Half Marathon (CHM).

The HRM would not find the chest strap HR signal despite pressing all the watch buttons, so only captured the splits.  I think I know now when I’m running within my HR zone anyway.  Think I’ll need to change the strap’s battery.  The watch did find the laptop and download this and the previous saved run, so at least that works now.

Lap 1:  26.18
Lap 2:  26.47
Total:  53.05

Legs felt heavy here and there during the run, but got into a nice rhythm.  A useful workout.

reflections on Sheffield 10k

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Looking back, I can see I was quite nervous on the start line.  Not nervous about the distance or conditions, but irritable and wanting to get started.  Need to bear that in  mind for future races and have a handling strategy.

On the race itself, I think we did a fast first kilometer and didn’t rein in the pace at all really.  I don’t think we could have done a faster pace at all, and I just had enough left to get up the hill to the finish.  For a longer distance I need to deliberately start at a more comfortable pace or risk burn out / hitting the wall.  Having Jeff call out the split times at each km was really useful, even if it did really just confirm at the time that we were running much faster than usual and well within 60 minutes.

Afterwards felt fine and recovered easily.  Had plenty of marmalade on toast and other nibbles for dinner and rested all afternoon.  Felt slightly stiff in the thighs the following day but not so bad that it affected my mobility in any way.

Reading the two marathon books Jeff lent me, I can now see the benefit of hill work, interval training and fartlek, to build muscle capacity, educate the body in managing energy production, and to make running a steady pace even easier.

39 days to the Cardiff half marathon.

Sheffield 10k pics 06/09/09

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A Great Run indeed; ideal conditions and finished in 56:04.

Weigh-in 5/9/09

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Weigh in, before BGYR tomorrow.

12st 5lb. Lost a couple of pounds since last weigh a few weeks ago.

training run #60

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Friday 4 September, 7.32am.

Still trying to encourage Garmin Training Centre to download the data from my watch for today’s run, but….

Weather cool, windy. Wore my yellow sleeveless jacket for the first time.

Did a 4k lap of main lake in 23:55. Felt fine, not pushing for a very fast time just running easy. Avg HR 141.

Very ready for BGYR on 6/9. Have done 355.8km training since I started on 21/3/09. That’s 37x 4k laps and 41x 5k laps, and twice round the small lake!

training run #59

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Wednesday 2 September, 7.42am.

Sunny / mixed cloud, cool, breezy.

Aimed for a decent time, after first km didn’t bother about the HRM beeping more than usual. But I wasn’t flat out.

5k lap – 28:56. Avg HR 151.

A good run, felt strong and plenty left for the Sheffield race. Felt like I was running today, rather then the light jogging I referred to in the last post.

Nokia Sports Tracker measured the lap as 4.77km. Pace avg 6:12 min/km.