Training run #24

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Saturday 16 May, 9.50am.

First Week 8 run; run for 30+ mins, no walking.

Took it steady. Cool day with stiff breeze on some parts. Wore coat but could have managed without.

Time on 5k lap 34.26.

Avg HR 144, peak HR 152. Managed 32.46 in target HR zone, and 1.20 in zone below while getting started. Only 0.33 above 149bpm.

A good run.


Weigh-in 14/5/09

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Weigh-in Thurs 14/5/09.

12st 12lb – lost 2lb this week.

Training run #23

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Monday 11 May, 6.39pm.

Week 7 run; 15/1/15-end.

Weather sunny but windy and cold; wore a coat.

Thought I was starting easy but very early hit 152bpm – only for a few brief seconds. Quickly eased off and overall HR 140. Felt OK and easy. But still suffering from stiff thighs and glutius maximus after DIY on the toilet cistern yesterday. Stiffness eased off as I ran.

Total time 34.15.

Training run #22

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Saturday 9 May, 7.25am.

First Week 7 run; 15 mins run, 1 min walk, 15(+) mins run to finish of 5k lap. Total time 32.29.

Weather cool – might have worn a coat but went in just a shirt and managed OK. Sunny, light breeze.

Felt fine, kept it steady aiming to just keep on running and average HR was 141bpm. Peak HR 150. Pleased with that, and the cool temperature probably helped.

Tired afterwards, but not too much. Feels like good progress.

Docs 8/5/09

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Visited docs for results of cholesterol test and repeat prescription.

Total cholesterol reduced from 6.4 to 3.7 – brilliant. Doc even commented it would be good to get it up to 4.0!!

The initial concern and reason for prescribing simvastatin was the ratio of total cholesterol to ‘good’ cholesterol – 7:1. Now, that is down to 3.7:1 – great!

The blood test also tested liver function, and while this was ‘almost perfect’ the doc said my bilirubin level was slightly raised. Not a big concern, as it is most likely linked to gallstones passing through the bile duct, but needs to be checked again a few months after my op. There is a rare illness linked to raised bilirubin, but didn’t note the name (something like Graham’s syndrome??).

Weigh-in 7/5/09

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Weigh in:

Old scales 13st 2lb. 1 pound lost this week.

New digital scales 13st 0lb. 2 free pounds!!

Will use the new scales from now on.

Training run #21

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Wednesday 6 May, 5.22pm

Week 6 run, ran easy but not as slow as other recent runs. Did a better time on the 5k lap, 31.08. Better than 31.42 Monday and 33.56 on Saturday!! Felt tired but fine, not out of breath.

HR slightly higher. Probably due to faster run and the warm windy weather. Average HR 145 (compared to 143 Mon/Sat). Peak HR 153 and spent 8.25 mins over my target limit of 149.

Feeling fine running for 12 mins at a time and looking forward to 15 mins next week and 30 mins after that.