Month: June 2009

Training run #31

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Monday 29 June, 9.25am.

Warm, overcast, no breeze.

Week 1 pattern, 4k lap. Time 30.37, max HR 147bpm, avg HR 131. Felt easy. 12 reps and jog to finish.

68 days to BGYR; less than 10 weeks.

Training run #30

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Saturday 27 June, 9.19am.

First run post-op. Weather warm, overcast, no breeze.

Started back with week 1 pattern; 1 min run, 1.5 min walk. Should be 8 reps but did 12 and a jog to finish on 4k lap of main lake at RV.

Time 30.58. Avg HR 128bpm, peak 146bpm.

Was determined to jog easy, keep the pace slow. Felt very easy at first (too easy) but legs got heavy near the end. Surprised how quickly the HR went up – had thought it felt so easy I’d be listening to the beep of the HR monitor all the way round (for being under 131bpm).

A good start. Hope to run very regularly while I’m off work, probably early mornings to avoid the heat – there’s a heatwave forecast for next week!

Training 26/6/09

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Had a brisk walk round the main lake at RV; 4k in about 37 mins, but not accurately timed and didn’t do HR. Was just to loosen the joints and limber up ahead of restarting running.

Weigh-in 25/6

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Weigh in Thurs 25/6.

12st 9lb; gained 1 lb, not bad for an idle week recuperating with the odd McD and KFC, ice creams and stuff.

The consultant/surgeon confirmed again today that I can go jogging straight away…

Weigh-in 18/6/09

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Weigh-in Thursday 18 June.

Just wondered how much I’d put on while recuperating from my op…

12st 8lb; lost 1lb over the last 9 days, and now back to what I weighed on 28/5 when I’d reached a new low.

Weigh-in 8/6/09

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Decided to have a weigh-in just prior to my op.

12st 9lb. Lost 2lb since last Thursday.

Expect to put on weight following the op as I take up residence on the couch.

Weigh-in 4/6/09

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Weigh-in Thurs 4 June

12st 11lb. Put on 3 lb this week!

Probably due to the whole pizza I had last night, and one or two little treats as I’ve relaxed my regime ahead of surgery.